Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rustic Valentine's Day Wreath

This weekend I was bit by the crafting weekend. Actually I just didn't want to procrastinate any longer and wanted to finally make my Valentine's Day wreath.

Plus, the fact that I still had my Christmas wreath hanging on my door was a scream for a new facelift.

I told Blake that I need a new wreath for every season. And his response: "You already have one for every season! One for Christmas and one for Alabama. There you go, every season covered!" Men.

Now onto the important stuff!

  - Straw wreath
  - 10x10 tan burlap
  - 10x10 Red Metallic mesh
  - Twine
  - Hot Glue
  - Floral wire
  - Lace ribbon
I first wrapped the wreath in the tan burlap ribbon because I didn't want the straw to be poking through and peeking out through the twine. And plus I couldn't make up my mind on if I wanted to use the twine or not :D

Hey, this one was a creative epiphany that kinda happened as it went along. I regret nothing.
Seal the burlap together with hot glue.

To begin with using the twine, hot glue the end to the wreath.

Wrap around tightly!

And keep going around and around and around and around. Until you get this.
Seal end with hot glue.

This is where things got fishy. I was still unsure about what I wanted to do with the red mesh. I kinda played around with it and ended up with this!
The white lace ribbon really brought it all home. I had it left over from my wedding that we used on the mason jar centerpieces and am sooo glad I still had it!

And then I wanted to spruce it up even more. I was going to do flowers but apparently using mesh fabric doesn't work as well as using actual fabric. Amateur hour over here folks!

So I decided to do coils and it kinda transformed into a pinwheel like flower. I attached it to the wreath with floral wire and hot glue to flatten out the coils.
There you have it! My rustic take on the Valentine's Day wreath with a little sparkle and glamour :)

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  1. You make it look easy! I of course would somehow mess it all up! #teamIBOT