Monday, January 12, 2015

The Beginner's Guide to: Line Dancing

This past weekend we celebrated one of my wife friend's birthday (Yes that's what I call my friends down here that are military wives) and we all went out to the local country bar.
Now if you know me, nine times out of ten you will find me at a country bar if I am (ever) out socializing. And that's not even just here in my new homeland of Florida. It's anywhere I go. And it's mostly because I love to dance and gives me an excuse to wear my thrift store cowgirl boots :) #noshame

I absolutely love line dancing. And I feel that I pick up on all of the dances very quickly because of my dance background. But what I love more is helping others learn the line dances and basically just having a great experience!

So I thought, "hey self, you should give some pointers/fun tips for the line dancing newbies!" So that I shall. I've been enough times that I (kinda) know what I'm doing.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert by any means. I still have a lot more to learn.
1. Lessons. And I'm not talking about go out and get lessons before you go. But hey, if that floats your boat too. Go right ahead! But you should definitely find a country bar that offers line dance lessons before the actual dancing occurs. And they teach you the easiest dances ever! The teachers also make sure to repeat the dances you've learned multiple times throughout the night so that you don't lose those moves.

2. Go with someone that has line danced before. It definitely helps to go with at least one person who has gone line dancing before or knows a few. That way if you're feeling brave to jump right in and learn the dance everyone else is doing, you can at least watch your friend (or everyone around you) and follow along. Plus it's just fun to laugh at yourself too trying to learn these dances. Just make sure you're not watching the ones who put their own fancy twist on it! Then you'll just get all sorts of screwed up (yes, I'm speaking from personal experience).

3. Comfy shoes. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR ANY FORM OF A HEEL. I can not stress that enough. You want to wear comfy shoes. Tennis shoes are fine, too. But I would double check with your country bar to see if there is a dress code of sorts (we have one). TOMS, booties, combat boots, riding boots (are you seeing a trend here?); basically any form of boot, without a heel, are recommend shoes. Cowboy boots are always preferred :)

Along with shoes, make sure you're wearing comfortable and cute clothes. I would really suggest not wearing anything with long sleeves because it gets super toasty in those places. Especially if you are constantly on the dance floor!

4. Don't dive right in. Take the easy route first. Stick to the dances with simple/smaller amount of steps. Like the dances you learned in the lessons in the beginning of the night. Don't jump into a dance that moves to a fast temp song or had a million steps. You'll most likely end up on the floor tripping over your own two feet like I have.

5. Alcohol. Now before you jump to any conclusions. I'm not saying this so that's okay to drink way too much and that it will suddenly give you awesome dance skills (or so you think) #guilty. But a little liquid courage never hurt nobody! And maybe having a beer or a shot will give you the courage to jump right in and learn the dances. Hey, country songs are build on drinking alcohol so I feel that this step (ha, get it??) was definitely needed, ha.

6. Repetition. That is the only way the dances are going to keep becoming familiar to you. Keep going back! Especially if you had fun and you discovered your long lost love (or you met your love #dreambig) is line dancing. Why not keep going back?? And then you can start moving your dancing skills up the expert ladder!

7. Have fun! Does this really need an explanation? A country bar, in my opinion, just screams fun.

These tips are full proof! And they are guaranteed to help you have fun with line dancing. This one is my personal favorite and don't lie that the sweet old man in the front doesn't just warm your heart.

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  1. My MIL teaches a line dancing class - and she is always hinting (HARD HINTING) that I should go... maybe I will. Who knows! Great post!

  2. I love to line dance! There are two bars here that offer it before the 'real thing' happens so it is good to get there early and practice if you will haha! Glad you had fun!

  3. Ive never done it but it looks like a lot of fun. There's a place right by my house that has this and it is SERIOUS business!

  4. #5. Hail yeah!! And I love that you have a dance background! I danced for 15 years and then again as an adult with the same instructor. I wish I could go back, but I'm too broke. lol. Costumes are expensive!

  5. I love line dancing! My gfs and Iused to go every Wed! Now I go on occassion, but if I could every day I totally would! Would love for you linkup this post on my Weekend Recap too :) XO

    -Lisa @ Showered With Design

  6. My fiancé, friends and I go line dancing everyweek and one thing I recommend to people is wood soled boots! (I prefer pointed toed boots as well) I just feel they are so much easier than rubber or other material soles.

  7. I wish I could line dance.. I feel like I am all over the place ;) Thanks for sharing
    Found you on the Link up
    Chelsea @

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