Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Husband's Secret

Another one of my goals that I didn't really list in my goals for 2015 was that I want to read 52 books this year. That's one book every week!

My goal for 2014, well the remaining 6 months of it anyway, was to read 50 books. And I got super close only reading 38! Think about how many books I could actually read in a whole year??

My first book (and book review) of the new year was The Husband's Secret and it was fantastic!

As I join the rest of the blogging world finally have read this book #noshame
I gotta say that it was pretty interesting how all of the characters, Cecilia, Tess, Rachel, had separate stories but then became apart of each other's at once (If that makes sense?). I also loved how they brought in Janie's story of her last few days and her point of view of everything.

For those of you who are late on the reading train like I am: you have Cecilia, Tess and Rachel. Each woman tells their own point of view throughout the week before (I think?) Easter. I believe it's a week when all of this occurs. The book takes place in Australia (I even tried to imagine everyone in the book with Australian accents. A lot harder than I thought!) which I thought was pretty cool.

Cecilia finds a letter from her husband that was written after the birth of their first daughter unloading a HUGE secret. Ergo the name of the book. The rest of the Cecilia's tale is trying to live with said secret. No, I'm not going to ruin that for you!

Tess' story starts out with her husband telling her that he's in love with Tess' cousin. Tess obviously freaks out (I mean who wouldn't??) and goes back to her home of Melbourne to be with her mother. Moms always tend to solve everything. When Tess moves back to Melbourne is when hers and Cecilia's lives collide.

And then you have Rachel, who is the mother of Janie who was murdered when she was 17. Rachel basically keeps reliving her daughter's murder and holds a grudge against her supposed killer which really was conveniently the last person she was seen with before you got killed.

This book will constantly keep you on your toes. If you don't like books with multiple voices, then I wouldn't recommend this book for you. To be honest I had a little trouble directing traffic through all of the voices myself trying to keep stories straight. 

But I have to say, the one thing that I really loved about the book was the ending. And I am going to spoil this for those who haven't read it yet. The fact that at the end of the book they discussed all of the different outcomes that could've happened if each of the four girls chose different paths is what really made The Husband's Secret special. It truly stands to that life could change in an instant and you never really know how your life could've been if you did something different.

I hope you'll add this book to your reading list! Even thought this was on THE to read list of 2014, we can call it modern and retro to read it one "year" late ;)

Or just blame the extremely long holds list at the library like I did.

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  1. I loved this book too....altho I pretty much enjoy all of Lianne Moriarty's books, but this one was my first of hers I think...and I thought it was great. You should check out some of her other books if you liked that one! My other favorite of hers is What Alice Forgot.

  2. I'm a library goer too, you can't control when you get it!

    I didn't read this one but loved Big Little Lies by her.

  3. I loved this book!!! And how crazy, right?!? Reading Big Little Lies as we speak so I'm excited to really get into it. Hopefully it's just as good.

  4. I love our library. We are going over there this weekend, hopefully I will have finished the book I'm reading now, and I'll be able to pick up this one! ;)

  5. I was kind of EH on this book. I didn't like part of the ending because of the child involved and I felt like one of the characters was just meh. What Alice Forgot is a great book, and hope to read Big Little Lies soon.

  6. I really liked this book! I read Big Little Lies which was good but not as great as this one in my opinion. I'm on the waiting list for What Alice Forgot currently!

  7. I haven't read this book yet, but I'm thinking about adding it to my list. That and What Alice Forgot. I keep hearing great things about both, but haven't gotten around to picking either up!

  8. Adding this to my reading list!! Also, I love that coffee mug!