Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

Hello, lovelies!

We've made it to Friday! And it has been a cold week here in Florida, my friends.

And by cold I mean it's actually 30-40 degrees. That's cold anywhere you go. Except Alaska, that's actually really warm for them.

Anyways! Back to our regular scheduled programming where I tell you all of my favorites across the Pinterest-sphere.


I actually have pink jeans and those wedges so all I really need to make this outfit a reality is to buy a jean jacket and a lace tank. I'm halfway there!

Mostly I really want this top so that I can wear it out line dancing. It would go so great with my boots!

Book Worm
I would much rather stay in and read a good book than actually go out and socialize. I mean, I'm socializing with the characters!! That's good enough right??

bee.tee.dubs go buy Joey from Hodges Podges' book Yeah, Maybe! Only $1.99 for everyone!

Spring Wreath Inspiration

These are the inspirations behind my spring wreath. What I really want to do is just combine all three of them into one kick-a$$ wreath with all of its floral, burlap, monogrammed goodness.

For the Home
I shared on Monday that we're moving in April/May and am already planning out how to decorate our new digs! I showed Blake everything I have planned and he thought it was kinda weird for the table and chairs to be different colors. I disagree! He'll stick to his man cave decorating and then I get the rest of the house.

I really want this. I'm not sure where I would hang it up but I would figure out a place to put it. Mark my words!

Especially when I had the plan of working out in the morning before work but then I end up doing other unimportant things. Even though I always plan for enough time to watch a few Netflix episodes and to read some blog posts.

Really an all day problem. Morning. Afternoon. Night. Doesn't matter the time. It's always just "one more episode"

 Especially chocolate and everything with carbs!

You guys have no idea how hard it is to hear myself talk in a phone 8 hours a day every day... It freaked me out on my first day to hear my voice echo in my headset.

No words. Just GET IN MY BELLY!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Guilty Pleasure: Catfish

And I'm not talking about a real catifsh, y'all

I have a confession to make, guise.

I have a guilty pleasure.  Actually I have multiple: animal humor, all things Disney, and MTV shows. More specifically - I love Catfish! And I am not ashamed one bit.

Unlike everyone else in blogland who loves The Bachelor - I love Catfish. I used to love watching the Bachelor but I'm pretty sure one of the seasons I watched made me not like it anymore. Don't ask me which one it was because they have all started to blend together now.

Last night was the season premiere of Catfish and I was so stoked! Plus the fact that MTV had a Catfish marathon all day yesterday didn't hurt either.

When I saw previews for the new season - I started freaking out like "where's Max???" because there we're new co-hosts with Nev. Turns out Max actually made it big and is producing a movie that Zac Efron is in #hollaatMax #WhatWouldMaxSay
Last night's episode's host was Charlamagne.

And the girl who was wanting help was Miracle and she thought she was talking to some guy who said he was a MUSIC PRODUCER. First off, if you're going to lie, at least make your career something realistic or attainable. Don't say you're a model or an actor or a music artist. There's like a 1 in a million chance that it would be true. 

Actually, I'm pretty sure there have only been 2 or 3 episodes where the person actually said they we're.

But OH. MY. GOD. Last night was that lady seriously for real?? Turns out that the guy Miracle thought she was talking to ended up being a WOMAN and got her HUSBAND involved! What in the hell, man. 

And then she goes ahead and tries to say it was all Miracle's fault too for getting her feelings involved. Sweetie, you we're the one with the fake profile!! It was one hundred and fifty percent your fault!
What honestly gets me about Catfish is how people think that they can't be caught! Or that people can't look it up on their own time before calling to the dynamic duo of Max and Nev.

Like honestly. It's not that hard to search through allll of social media and Google to find out if the person you're talking to is real or not.
I admit it really makes my heart happy when the person ends up being who they said they we're. It's like the biggest smile to cross my face happens and you can't help but be happy for them.

But then I'll be like "NOO you we're supposed to be fake and end up being a total shmuck!"

But hey, you can't have everything.

I'm glad I got that off my chest. I feel like we really bonded over this.

P.S. I made a Facebook page for my blog so you should really go like it because I'm so cool :)

P.P.S. Go buy Joey's book Yeah, Maybe for only $1.99! Sale ends tomorrow!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

#HashtagHumpDay | Vol.14

It's #HashtagHumpDay folks! The greatest day of the week! Because we are half way through the week which means we are that much closer to Friday.

Thanks for joining me and my best gal pal Laura. While you're here, hop on over and show her some love! She's kindof a big deal if you know what I mean :)
#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren

Lets call these rules the 'skinny' because rules sounds way too formal and this is anything but:
  - Talk about whatever you like! Just as long as you ad a #hashtag at the end of it because it's #fun
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  - Have fun! #hashtageverything

Spring is almost here!! Which means time for a new wreath to grace the presence of my front door and I'm already thinking of the inspiration behind it! (get it?? Door?? Behind?? No, oh okay). But I'm thinking lots of flowers and a monogram again. Maybe even some burlap too #allofthewreaths #yesIhaveaPinterestboardforwreaths

It's been pretty slow at work the past two days. And slow means boredom but it also means I get to take more than 1 minute between phone calls so I'll allow it. #butkeepcallingplease #allofthemoneys #especiallyyouspringbreakers

My best girl Joey is selling her book Yeah, Maybe on Amazon for $1.99 all this week! That's less a Starbucks run! I just purchased it last night so I'll be reading it. You all should too. #authorandablogger #shesthebest #doyourthanggirl

I'm trying a new adventure our here in my personal life. Along with the fact that we're moving to a fantastic apartment in April/May - I've decided to take a step into trying to make a little bit of side of money. No it's not be dream Etsy shop for all of my beautiful crafts. I joined one of my friends from college's team of distributors for ItWorks. Now before you go all huffy and puffy and click that unfollow button - I'm not letting it take over my blog. Actually this is going to be the only time I say it so you're welcome :) But if you are interested at all, don't hesitate to ask any questions! Okay, now I'm done #newadventures #showmethemoney #playnicekids

I won't lie I'm kinda terrified about it so if you could send good vibes my way that would be awesome :) #goodvibesonly

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Monday, February 23, 2015

For the New Home

This past weekend I had the ultimate fail and didn't take a single picture. I know!

Saturday we sought after some new bars around our home and we probably found the coolest place ever! It's outdoors. There's sand everywhere. AND they had live music! All I can say is that I'm super stoked for the weather to warm up a smidge more to enjoy being outside without a coat or being near heaters.

But onto other good news! Since our lease is up in May, we've been searching for new apartments - especially one we can get a dog!

And I like to announce that we have found the one to make all of our (and my decorating dreams) come true!

It's two floors. Has a dining room. A second bedroom. And there is SO MUCH storage!! All of the things to store! I've never been so excited!

We've already started brainstorming for all of the new furniture and decor we'll be needing.

Our master bathroom is huge! I thought that this corner shelving was beyond cool and add a little personal touch to it.

I'm thinking of doing this in the master bath and in the dining room. Mostly in the dining room because I don't think we have a pantry in the kitchen.

Okay, probably won't be getting this coach. But how awesome is it!?? A girl can dream right?

I really love how the table and chairs are complimenting each other. I really want a farm style table and I think that I'll be doing the chairs and table different colors. And plus I'll probably be putting my YUM letters that are in my kitchen now in my dining room

Like I said, all of the storage!!

 A second bedroom means that Blake is getting the man cave he's always wanted and he is already dreaming of ways to decorate it. Apparently that includes a camo futon... I like these signs better.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Valentine's Day Swap

I was soo excited when Carly from Musings of a Wanderer and Bella from Bella and the City announced that they we're doing a little swap box for the season full of love!

I've seen a few swap boxes around the blogosphere and have been dying to try one and dip my toes into the big blogging pond. And I am so happy that I did because who I got paired with is an absolute sweetheart
I got paired with Julia over at Grace Makes New and I am so happy that we got paired and am now following along with her.

She bakes cakes on the side, loves coffee, and she's shared how she met her hubby. I feel like our husbands would be friends with each other and then we can actually hang out too. I mean, she is a Florida gal!
There was so much goodness and awesomeness (is that a word? It is now) in one box that I had a smile on my face for 3 days straight. I mean glitter, ribbon, weekly notepad for my fridge, AND a container to put all of my chalk markers in!! It's like she knew what I needed before I even knew I needed them. 
What was in my swap box:
  - Glitter heart stickers and labels
  - Bakers twine
  - "This week" magnetic notepad
  - Sticky notes
  - Crafting ribbon
  - Pencil/marker/whatever I want it to hold holder
  - Heart confetti!!
I definitely took advantage of the "this week" notepad right away. I'm now going to be using it for planning out my meals for the week. This was I have it staring at me in the face in two places! On my fridge and in my planner.

Or as Blake likes to say: "Now I can plan out all of my activities!"

Yeah... that too.

Thank you to Carly and Bella for organizing this! It was amazing!

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Yes Please

I've finally jumped on the train of reading Amy Poehler's bio Yes Please and I must say I was super excited when my library finally gave me the 'privilege' of borrowing it.

And I must say, I really don't know how I felt about it. I laughed a lot but it was also a little hard to keep my attention unfortunately. Which made me super sad because I was sooo excited about it and had such high expectations for it. And mostly because everyone in the blogosphere has read it too so it I assumed it was going to be really good.
I did however find some really funny and awesome quotes so that's what I'm going to share with you all just because I feel like I really can't review a biography since it's stories all about her life and some of them we're super good!

" "Yes please" sounds powerful and concise. It's a response and a request. It is not about being a good girl; it is about being a real woman."

"Decide what your currency is early. Let go of what you will never have. People who do this are happier and sexier."

"You know those exercise pools where the water comes at you strong and you have to swim against it to build up your strength? That's what social pressure of staying young feels like."

"Young people can remind us to take chances and be angry and stop our patterns. Old people can remind us to laugh more and get focused and make friends with our patterns. Young and old need to relac in the moment and live where they are. Be Here Now, like the great book says."

"My only job was to surround myself with people who respected and supported that choice. Being foolish was the smartest thing to do."

"Depending on your career is like eating cake for breakfast and wondering why you start crying an hour later."

"The more I time-travel the more I learn I am always just where I need to be."

Also! One of my super sweet friends Joey over at Hodges Podges is having a sale on her book Yeah, Maybe next week! I'm definitely jumping on this and you should to to help a fellow blogger and sweetheart like her out!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

#HashtagHumpDay | Vol.13

It's #HashtagHumpDay folks! The greatest day of the week! Because we are half way through the week which means we are that much closer to Friday.

Thanks for joining me and my best gal pal Laura. While you're here, hop on over and show her some love! She's kindof a big deal if you know what I mean :)
#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren

Lets call these rules the 'skinny' because rules sounds way too formal and this is anything but:
  - Talk about whatever you like! Just as long as you ad a #hashtag at the end of it because it's #fun
  - Link your post up here or with my gal pal Laura so we can read all about your life and thoughts #takenoprisoners
  - Comment on at least one other post and make friends because that's the point of linkup right? #letsbefriends
  - Share it on social media and add #hashtaghumpday #allofthesocialmedia
  - Have fun! #hashtageverything

Almost after a year of being married I think I'm finally going to get a new license with my married name on it. I think I'm probably due to stop feeling like I'm living with two identities. Well maiden name, we've had a good 22 year run. #illalwaysmissyou #Ragerlivesonforever

Speaking of my marriage, next month on March 14th I'll have been married for a whole year! #oneyeardown #forevertogo #themullikins

Yesterday I made a huge accomplishment in my running and ran consistently for a 1.64 miles. Odd number, yes. I was super pumped about it because I can actually feel myself getting faster and didn't feel like I was going to die during the entire run #icallthatprogress #turtleisturingingintotheheir

It's actually cold here in Florida yesterday and today. Yes I realize I shouldn't be complaining #mamadontlikethecold

I won't lie I had more I wanted to say in this post like earlier in the week and now I forget what they were. #sorryisuck

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