Monday, February 9, 2015

All I Got Was A Koozie

Y'all ready for a good story??

This is really entertaining and I can't make this up.

To preface, let me tell you how I always have a koozie on my beer. My roommate in college and I had a collection on our wall.

Koozies are my go-to souvenir when I go to concerts. Mostly because they're cheap.
Friday night I got to see Craig Campbell at the local country bar that I sometimes (read: all the time) like to frequent with my country line dancing.

I was super pumped because I'm a believer that 90s country is the greatest music of all time and I've heard that Craig Campbell puts on a hella good show.
And he did! He was fantastic! He played a lot of his older music and also his newest single Keep Them Kisses Comin'.

The best part: when he sang Let It Go and played the piano. And I didn't hate a single second of it.
 Back to the point of the story and blog post.

So as my beer was wearing my Chase Rice koozie. And I was standing front row and center. He called me out in front of everyone for not having his koozie on my beer.

I believe his exact words "that's like going to a Yankees game and wearing Red Sox gear and they're not even playing them!"

Well played, sir.
And that's the story of how I got a free koozie and got called out by Craig Campbell in front of all Fort Walton.

At least I got my Chase Rice koozie back. Mostly because I think he saw the fear in my eyes of losing a koozie.

There is no greater fear my friends.
And then on Sunday we spent our 70 degree sunny day at the beach and broke out our beach chairs.

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  1. hahaha, thats awesome! And now you have an awesome story for whenever you use it!

  2. I love getting koozies as well! My fiance and I have literally have about 100 of them under our sink he keeps telling me we need to get rid of some of them bc they keep falling out of their container they are in!

  3. Jealous you were able to go to the beach! It was mid-sixties here in Virginia and everyone threw on their shorts and t-shirts, but not warm enough for beach weather!

  4. Hahaha, that's an awesome story! I work in alumni events at my college and we give away coozies at more of our events. Everyone loves them!

  5. So jealous of A) this epic concert story/koozie collection of yours and B) the fact you live somewhere with sunshine and a beach.