Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

Hello, lovelies!

We've made it to Friday! And it has been a cold week here in Florida, my friends.

And by cold I mean it's actually 30-40 degrees. That's cold anywhere you go. Except Alaska, that's actually really warm for them.

Anyways! Back to our regular scheduled programming where I tell you all of my favorites across the Pinterest-sphere.


I actually have pink jeans and those wedges so all I really need to make this outfit a reality is to buy a jean jacket and a lace tank. I'm halfway there!

Mostly I really want this top so that I can wear it out line dancing. It would go so great with my boots!

Book Worm
I would much rather stay in and read a good book than actually go out and socialize. I mean, I'm socializing with the characters!! That's good enough right??

bee.tee.dubs go buy Joey from Hodges Podges' book Yeah, Maybe! Only $1.99 for everyone!

Spring Wreath Inspiration

These are the inspirations behind my spring wreath. What I really want to do is just combine all three of them into one kick-a$$ wreath with all of its floral, burlap, monogrammed goodness.

For the Home
I shared on Monday that we're moving in April/May and am already planning out how to decorate our new digs! I showed Blake everything I have planned and he thought it was kinda weird for the table and chairs to be different colors. I disagree! He'll stick to his man cave decorating and then I get the rest of the house.

I really want this. I'm not sure where I would hang it up but I would figure out a place to put it. Mark my words!

Especially when I had the plan of working out in the morning before work but then I end up doing other unimportant things. Even though I always plan for enough time to watch a few Netflix episodes and to read some blog posts.

Really an all day problem. Morning. Afternoon. Night. Doesn't matter the time. It's always just "one more episode"

 Especially chocolate and everything with carbs!

You guys have no idea how hard it is to hear myself talk in a phone 8 hours a day every day... It freaked me out on my first day to hear my voice echo in my headset.

No words. Just GET IN MY BELLY!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. I laughed at your funny about getting up early--I feel like that's me, especially on snow days or delays from work. I still get up at regular time a lot because my body is just ready. So I have more time to spend wasting it!
    Loving the Spring wreaths and the spring inspired outfits! And I'd totally be inside reading over other things--it's the best especially when it's so cold out!!
    Have a great weekend girl!

  2. I love that outfit! So cute. And I need those wreaths!

  3. Yes, that is cold for Florida! My boss is headed down there so it's a bummer it's not nicer. Although it's not cold for about 50 percent of the lower 50 haha... try -9 here at one point this winter :-P
    Anyways, I love the wreath with the Gerbera daisies! And that lace tank is to die for!

  4. OMG that chicken bacon ranch grilled cheese. I am pinning that and will be making that sometime next week!

  5. I wear my jean jacket with virtually every outfit and I swear it makes things so much cuter!

  6. That is totally how I feel about a party! I am definitely a bookworm. Also I really feel you on the whole food having calories I am so over that!

  7. Oh my, that sandwich! Yum!!

    I really like that outfit, I have all of that except my pants are red not pink. I think pink is cuter! My jean jacket is on repeat all spring and summer, such a great investment piece!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. My voice - every time!!!
    That's my kinda party as well!!! The kind I want this weekend too!
    Those wreaths. I need a new one for Spring too... if Spring would JUST GET HERE!!!

  9. So glad I came across your blog through the link up!! Adore the lace tank + pink jeans!! I'm so sick of food having calories too - LOL!! Checking out that sandwich recipe link now & hoping I have the ingredients here as it looks sooo good ...calories don't count on Friday, right? ;) Have a lovely weekend! xo

  10. I am not happy with Florida right now. Cold and overcast ALL week! I need some sunshine,"Sunshine State"! ;) LOL I pinned that same wreath (the first one) because I LOVE the burlap bow! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Love those wreaths! So cute!

  12. I love that top and the spring wreaths!! :)

  13. I love those wreaths! I also really like that outfit but I don't know how pink jeans would look on me haha

    have a great weekend

  14. Love that first quote – I’m taking that motivation and using it!!
    The book party most definitely looks my life tomorrow night :) some nights are just better spend “in”
    I love the spring wreaths; I need to start working on my spring house décor asap.. I mean one day soon it will be warm, right?!