Thursday, February 26, 2015

Guilty Pleasure: Catfish

And I'm not talking about a real catifsh, y'all

I have a confession to make, guise.

I have a guilty pleasure.  Actually I have multiple: animal humor, all things Disney, and MTV shows. More specifically - I love Catfish! And I am not ashamed one bit.

Unlike everyone else in blogland who loves The Bachelor - I love Catfish. I used to love watching the Bachelor but I'm pretty sure one of the seasons I watched made me not like it anymore. Don't ask me which one it was because they have all started to blend together now.

Last night was the season premiere of Catfish and I was so stoked! Plus the fact that MTV had a Catfish marathon all day yesterday didn't hurt either.

When I saw previews for the new season - I started freaking out like "where's Max???" because there we're new co-hosts with Nev. Turns out Max actually made it big and is producing a movie that Zac Efron is in #hollaatMax #WhatWouldMaxSay
Last night's episode's host was Charlamagne.

And the girl who was wanting help was Miracle and she thought she was talking to some guy who said he was a MUSIC PRODUCER. First off, if you're going to lie, at least make your career something realistic or attainable. Don't say you're a model or an actor or a music artist. There's like a 1 in a million chance that it would be true. 

Actually, I'm pretty sure there have only been 2 or 3 episodes where the person actually said they we're.

But OH. MY. GOD. Last night was that lady seriously for real?? Turns out that the guy Miracle thought she was talking to ended up being a WOMAN and got her HUSBAND involved! What in the hell, man. 

And then she goes ahead and tries to say it was all Miracle's fault too for getting her feelings involved. Sweetie, you we're the one with the fake profile!! It was one hundred and fifty percent your fault!
What honestly gets me about Catfish is how people think that they can't be caught! Or that people can't look it up on their own time before calling to the dynamic duo of Max and Nev.

Like honestly. It's not that hard to search through allll of social media and Google to find out if the person you're talking to is real or not.
I admit it really makes my heart happy when the person ends up being who they said they we're. It's like the biggest smile to cross my face happens and you can't help but be happy for them.

But then I'll be like "NOO you we're supposed to be fake and end up being a total shmuck!"

But hey, you can't have everything.

I'm glad I got that off my chest. I feel like we really bonded over this.

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  1. I got on a Catfish kick there for a while last year and I just couldn't turn away. Very train wreck-ish!

  2. I love watching Catfish--it's kind of my guilty pleasure on weekends when there's not a lot going on. Even my husband, who doesn't like reality shows, will watch Catfish. It's always entertaining! :)

  3. Confession: I had to Google Catfish because I had no idea what it was. Enter many pictures of creepy fish O.o But yeah... I'm SO out of the loop when it comes to TV shows -- I honestly can't even remember the last time I turned on my TV.

  4. I get caught up in Catfish myself... love when they have marathon days of it.
    Nev... he's ADORABLE!!!!!!

  5. Hahaha I've never watched this but it sounds entertaining! Also that last pic of The Little Mermaid! OMG cannot be unseen! :O

  6. I saw last night's episode and was definitely like "where's max?!" at first too! It's always so crazy to me because when you watch the show it seems so obvious that the person is being catfished and you wonder how they could go on for so long without doing their own research or investigating.

  7. LOLOLOL That little dog that says I told her I was a pitbull looks a little like my Mac! And he totally has the presence of a much larger dog even though he is 9 lbs of white fluff! I haven't watched Catfish but I imagine I would find it entertaining.

  8. this post is HILARIOUS. i got my dad addicted to catfish over christmas break. SUCH a tragic but fabulous guilty pleasure!!!

  9. Hahaha the pictures alone make this post worthwhile! I've never seen the show but I've heard about it. Might have to try it out!

  10. I totally thought you meant like fried catfish, you know.. the kind you eat.. when I read your title! Haha! Man, pregnancy brain is a real thing, yall! And add on top of that.. I'm a blonde! Haha! Love that show too! I just can't believe there are people out there that dumb to fall for this kind of stuff!

  11. I love that show! We didn't get to watch it last night so thats what were doing tonight! So I was afraid to really read your post but I enjoyed the meme's. Also I watched a few seasons of the batchelor but I just got tired of it and stopped watching it!

  12. I love that show too! I haven't watched the new episode but it is a train wreck I can't stop looking at! :)

  13. No shame. I'm watching the newest episode with Michelle on my DVR right this very moment when I came across your latest blog post. I love it too! The very first episode of the first season (I think it was the first...) featured a girl from my hometown area of Northwest Arkansas that got catfished. From there, I was hooked!

  14. Omg that first dog meme is hilarious!! Love it.

  15. OMG so obsessed with Catfish!!! Love it!! And I hate The Bachelor. Well...let's not say hate. I've tried. But, I just can't get into it. Plus, the hype.....makes me wanna be a rebel.