Wednesday, February 18, 2015

#HashtagHumpDay | Vol.13

It's #HashtagHumpDay folks! The greatest day of the week! Because we are half way through the week which means we are that much closer to Friday.

Thanks for joining me and my best gal pal Laura. While you're here, hop on over and show her some love! She's kindof a big deal if you know what I mean :)
#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren

Lets call these rules the 'skinny' because rules sounds way too formal and this is anything but:
  - Talk about whatever you like! Just as long as you ad a #hashtag at the end of it because it's #fun
  - Link your post up here or with my gal pal Laura so we can read all about your life and thoughts #takenoprisoners
  - Comment on at least one other post and make friends because that's the point of linkup right? #letsbefriends
  - Share it on social media and add #hashtaghumpday #allofthesocialmedia
  - Have fun! #hashtageverything

Almost after a year of being married I think I'm finally going to get a new license with my married name on it. I think I'm probably due to stop feeling like I'm living with two identities. Well maiden name, we've had a good 22 year run. #illalwaysmissyou #Ragerlivesonforever

Speaking of my marriage, next month on March 14th I'll have been married for a whole year! #oneyeardown #forevertogo #themullikins

Yesterday I made a huge accomplishment in my running and ran consistently for a 1.64 miles. Odd number, yes. I was super pumped about it because I can actually feel myself getting faster and didn't feel like I was going to die during the entire run #icallthatprogress #turtleisturingingintotheheir

It's actually cold here in Florida yesterday and today. Yes I realize I shouldn't be complaining #mamadontlikethecold

I won't lie I had more I wanted to say in this post like earlier in the week and now I forget what they were. #sorryisuck

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  1. I always do that too - I have like a million things for my hashtag post and then I sit down to write and I can't remember them! Get it girl on the running! I don't think I could even make a mile. Why is running so hard?

  2. Congrats on running without stopping! I can't ever do that... lame. I ma the worst about remembering what I want to say in posts that's why I have a million draft posts for different things all the time so I can just open one and add a thought! Happy Humpday!

  3. I need to get running. I've been cocooning myself inside with all this cold and snow. I know I'm gonna be hurting when I get out there to start runs in the spring.

  4. I feel bad complaining about being cold here in FL because I know so many others have it so much worse than we do but dang it I live in FL for a reason and I'm ALWAYS cold so when it's 40 degrees or lower I'm pretty much miserable!

    Congrats on your running! Any time I am able to complete my run without stopping and feeling reasonably good and not like I am going to die it's a HUGE accomplishment!