Wednesday, February 25, 2015

#HashtagHumpDay | Vol.14

It's #HashtagHumpDay folks! The greatest day of the week! Because we are half way through the week which means we are that much closer to Friday.

Thanks for joining me and my best gal pal Laura. While you're here, hop on over and show her some love! She's kindof a big deal if you know what I mean :)
#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren

Lets call these rules the 'skinny' because rules sounds way too formal and this is anything but:
  - Talk about whatever you like! Just as long as you ad a #hashtag at the end of it because it's #fun
  - Link your post up here or with my gal pal Laura so we can read all about your life and thoughts #takenoprisoners
  - Comment on at least one other post and make friends because that's the point of linkup right? #letsbefriends
  - Share it on social media and add #hashtaghumpday #allofthesocialmedia
  - Have fun! #hashtageverything

Spring is almost here!! Which means time for a new wreath to grace the presence of my front door and I'm already thinking of the inspiration behind it! (get it?? Door?? Behind?? No, oh okay). But I'm thinking lots of flowers and a monogram again. Maybe even some burlap too #allofthewreaths #yesIhaveaPinterestboardforwreaths

It's been pretty slow at work the past two days. And slow means boredom but it also means I get to take more than 1 minute between phone calls so I'll allow it. #butkeepcallingplease #allofthemoneys #especiallyyouspringbreakers

My best girl Joey is selling her book Yeah, Maybe on Amazon for $1.99 all this week! That's less a Starbucks run! I just purchased it last night so I'll be reading it. You all should too. #authorandablogger #shesthebest #doyourthanggirl

I'm trying a new adventure our here in my personal life. Along with the fact that we're moving to a fantastic apartment in April/May - I've decided to take a step into trying to make a little bit of side of money. No it's not be dream Etsy shop for all of my beautiful crafts. I joined one of my friends from college's team of distributors for ItWorks. Now before you go all huffy and puffy and click that unfollow button - I'm not letting it take over my blog. Actually this is going to be the only time I say it so you're welcome :) But if you are interested at all, don't hesitate to ask any questions! Okay, now I'm done #newadventures #showmethemoney #playnicekids

I won't lie I'm kinda terrified about it so if you could send good vibes my way that would be awesome :) #goodvibesonly

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  1. I think the easy shop is a GREAT idea! You've made some awesome crafts and shared them on the blog and I think people will totally buy them! Lots of good luck vibes your way lady!! :)

  2. I'll have to check out the link to It Works - neve heard of it.
    I bought that book yesterday :) Cant wait to read it...
    PS - I linked up but its not showing on your blog... didn't know if that's the way it should be?

  3. I think that it is great to do something to earn money on the side! Nothing wrong with a little side hustle! I just found your blog and link-up and I love it! Thanks for co-hosting!

  4. Good luck on your side job! I sold skincare and makeup on the side for awhile. It was fun but I am not a good sales person so it didn't really work out for me because I always gave everyone my discounts haha.

    I would love to own an Etsy store one day too! That would be awesome :)

  5. Good luck to you! Money on the side is awesome! Have you heard of Tapping for Money? I have no idea if it works but damnit I'm trying it.

  6. Good luck on your new side job! Hope it goes well for you! I want to make a new Spring wreath too, I have been pinning all the wreaths, let's see if I ever actually make one! :)

  7. good luck to your side job !!! i think i may need one too ;)

  8. I really need a spring wreath so I can't wait for your tutorial!!!! ;)
    Good luck with the wraps thing - just don't blow up instagram with it too much please!!! haha I feel like I see a million of them a day. That and Thrive.... Happy humpday lovely!

  9. Looking forward to seeing your Spring wreath. I've actually never made one(yet) but it's something I want to try.

  10. Good luck on the side biz! These wrap people must be making money so I hope you will too! I am totally wreath challenged!