Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's Day for Him

Does anyone else stress about what to get your significant other, namely your husband that is as much of a redneck as mine is, for Valentine's Day?

Anyone? No? Yeah, me neither.

This is our second Valentine's Day together - our first one as a married couple. I don't know if it's supposed to be uber special because our one year anniversary is next month!!

Last year, Blake was at tech school for Valentine's Day so I drove on over to spend the weekend with him and this is what he got me.
There was even candles around the room too. He's a romantic softie deep down :)

Last year I got him a bunch of his favorite foods because he really couldn't use anything while he was at training. I'm more of a practical gift giver.

As I was thinking about what I can get Blake this year (and I've honestly been thinking about it for a few months - even before Christmas), I'm again going for practical and a combination of his favorites

Blake, if you're reading this: ABORT MISSION! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
Side and completely unrelated note: I just noticed I've used this little banner thing in two of my other posts (here and here)... I just like how it looks okay!!
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Alabama Wallet: I've honestly been eyeing this wallet since I moved here in June. And I still haven't gotten it for him. Mostly because I didn't have any income coming in. Now that I'm a big girl and actually earn the big bucks till September, I think I can finally afford this wallet for his "big" Valentine's Day gift :) If you have a sports fan guy, these would be a perfect gift!

Milky way: You have course have to include your guy's favorite candy!

Boulevard: Boulevard is Blake's favorite beer that's brewed in Missouri and he's pumped that we finally got a store that sells it. I'm thinking of pulling together my crafting skills and putting this together.

SOA Mug: Perfect to go along with his beer. You gotta have somewhere to put it right?? His friend has the glasses and he always makes a point to tell me how he wishes he had one.

Wounded Warrior Camelbak: Just so that he can stop stealing my Sigma Kappa Camelbak. Actually, I might end up getting one for myself while I'm at it #notsorry

Obviously this is geared towards my husband's taste and what he likes. But this is just a basis for what your own guy may like: Fan gear, candy and favorite beer are really the great go-tos :)

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  1. Great picks! I love giving a small gift, along with a card, and just doing something special together on Valentine's Day.

  2. These are great ideas!! I got Mike a Beer of the Month subscription one year and he loved it. And they even had a craft beer selection so every 3 months we got 4 different kinds of beers to try. It was awesome....and I got to partake a little, too. lol.

  3. Guys are always so hard to buy for... candy is always a great idea!!!

  4. Love these, such great ideas. Lil gifts are the way to go. No pressure!

  5. All of these are such great ideas! I got James a mens toiletry bag because he's been traveling a lot for work and throws all his bathroom supplies in a ziplock bag right now, and then I'm putting this book ( ) and fake rose petals and chocolates inside of it...

  6. Sigh. I haven't even started. I even did Christmas on Christmas Eve. These past few months have just been crazy for us. In more ways than one. I'm amazed that you are already done!

    Thank you so much for linking up with the Bloglovin' Blog Hop!

    Co-Host Carrie