Thursday, March 5, 2015

Around the Horn | Favorite Baseball Memory

Baseball is the greatest sport of all time.

I have too many memories that I cannot simply pick one favorite memory. I have been going to baseball games every year since before I was born.

Literally. My parents took me to my first baseball game when I was in my mother's womb. Granted it was the Chicago White Sox, but I'll let it slide.

I was 3 months old when I went to my first Chicago Cubs game and that is when they became my team. A very sad team - but my team nonetheless.

So my plan is to walk down photo memory lane with all of you lovely people with all of my baseball memories at good ol' Wrigley Field.
My littlest sister got to be a bat girl for one of the games at Wrigley! Probably the only time I'll get to step foot on that sweet soil.
We may or may not plan our vacations around if the Cubs are playing in town. We went to New York when I was in 7th grade and planned the dates because the Cubs were playing the Mets.
 You'll soon notice that this is one of my repeat shirts that I wear to games. I still have it too! Look how blonde my hair used to be in high school!
 My high school Poms team got to perform before Sox games my freshman and sophomore year of high school! Only reason I went to the games.
 Won't lie, this was my Facebook profile picture for a full year. It's just so good! And the best view is always from the bleachers :)
 And of course had to make games a sisterhood bonding moment :)
And last but not least - going to a game with my then soon-to-be fiance/husband before he left for basic training.

Thanks for that walk down memory lane of the greatest sport of all time. Who's ready for baseball to begin again??!
Kasey At The Bat

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  1. Tons of fun pictures and memories!!!

  2. Ohh fun! Such great memories!

  3. such fun memories! always gotta find moments to throw what ya know :)

  4. oh my goodness. I am literally dying to go to a game at Wrigley. DYING. I've wanted to go since I was a kid + first saw A League of Their Own. So I'm super jealous! thanks for linking up!!!!!

  5. Such wonderful memories! I love the photos!

  6. Tons of great memories and photos! I really wish I had "a team" to be a die hard for!

  7. I love baseball and how many memories are created at a baseball games. I don't really have a team that I LOVE, but I have some I like more than others. Love all your pictures and reading about your memories there.