Monday, March 2, 2015

February a la Instagram

Hello, all! It's my favorite time of the month!

I love the beginning of the months, mostly because I get to reflect on the previous month and I do that through my favorite social media of Instagram - next to Pinterest, obvi.
February was a busy month! And a lot of posts on the gram we're the result of it! But I ain't mad at it, heeeyyyy :)
1. Started off February with the Super Bowl! I brought my famous Taco Dip and I made these Pepperoni Roll-ups that we're a huge hit!
2. I started really good on my #1800minChallenge and half marathon training early this month
3. Books and wine are the best of friends - and I did a review on Amy Poehler's Yes Please
4. Blake and I saw Craig Campbell and all I got out of it was a koozie - and being called out by Craig Campbell himself!
5. It was 70 degrees one Sunday early in February and we had to break out the beach chairs
6. I'm really getting into having fresh flowers in the house and I 100% blame Blake for it - but It does make the house super pretty :)
7. With my new workout gear I acquired from Christmas and it may or may not make the workouts easier ;)
8. I shared with y'all the story of where our love story began and how we came to be - might have been my most favorite blog post I've ever written!
9. I found a route around my hood that measures out to be a 5k and it definitely made getting to know the area a little better. And I found
10. We had a another beach day and I brought my companion Java Chip
11. The entire week of Valentines week I tried to incorporate Pink and Red into my wardrobe - I guess you can say I was bit by the love bug :)
12. Valentine's Day, Blake and I both had to work so we celebrated that night at a new restaurant
13. I've been making Starbucks on Sundays sort of a thing when I go grocery shopping. It doesn't hurt that there's a Starbucks on base so it's not like I have to go out of the way or anything!
14. Selfies for dayzzz
15. I had a new recipe in our rotation: Baked Chicken Parmesan! Recipe post soon to follow :)
16. I'm in love with my new workout top (another Christmas gift - and a high low!) and I hijacked Blake's new Camelbak I got for him for Valentine's Day.
17. Another successful run outside AND I shaved a minute off my 5k time! And that was with running into the wind AND uphill!
18. I'm trying my new hat at being an It Works! distributor so we shall see where this new venture will take me.
19. I really like to keep my desk colorful :) with markers AND washi tape!
20. I participated in the Valentine's Day swap box and I had Julia from Grace Makes New and she sent me the cutest swap box!
21. Of course the week after Valentine's Day I finally had the Brownie Batter heart doughnut from Dunkin and it was heavenly!
22. I made another successful recipes and Blake was actually surprised with how good it tasted - Beef Taco Taquitos. Recipe post soon to come :)
23. Joey from Hodges Podges was having a sale on her book Yeah, Maybe over at Amazon last week! If you missed out on the sale, you should definitely still buy her book! I'm super excited to read it :)
24. We've definitely found a favorite meal in our home and that is Shrimp Tacos. I really like making these when I'm in a pinch and not needed a lot of prep time.
25. It was a low of 20 degrees all last week!!! So I finally broke out my flannel plaid that I haven't worn since last winter in Illinois. Fun fact: it's actually a Mens XL that I found at a thrift store for my sorority barn dance. Score!
26. I jumped on the Hibitt Sports sale of all over their hoodies and scooped up this super cute pink quarter-zip and picked up a camo UnderArmor hoodie. Also it went great with my Saturday Dunkin run ;)
27. Definitely needed to unwind from a stressful work day with a super good Margarita!

February was definitely a great and eventful one!! I'm hoping that March will be the same with mine and Blake's one year wedding anniversary on March 14th :)

ALSO, this past Wednesday was a great #HashtagHumpDay link up for me and Laura! I'm super pumped that our link-up has been growing! Don't forget to link-up with us this Wednesday and every Wednesday after that :)
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  1. You've been a busy lady for sure!! Lots of fun stuff and Im totally envious of your beach day!!

  2. Wowza, you're a busy woman! I'm in recovery for multiple pulmonary embolisms but I'm prepping for a marathon too! It's beyond excited. Yes please has been on my list for a while, but I get what you're saying. It seems I'm more disappointed with newer books now days because of the hype.

  3. Love the recap idea! Half marathons are great. I just decided to start training for an 'imaginary' one this week. Running used to be my go to therapy and then I let an injury sideline me, but I am excited about falling back in love with it.
    Shrimp tacos! Haven't made those at home, but that sounds great.
    And books and wine...a girl after my own heart.
    Looking forward to spending more time exploring your blog!

  4. Love this!! You've had the most fabulous month, busy lady!!

  5. Sounds like you had a busy month! I am totally pinning those pepperoni roll ups, they look heavenly. I read Yeah, Maybe this weekend in like two sittings, it was so good! Happy March!

  6. What a great month! I totally missed out on my usual Dunkin' run this weekend and now I think I need to make up for that! :) Love all of your new workout gear, I am itching for some cute new workout clothes! Yay for the swap, I'm so glad we were paired up! :)

  7. I love Instagram I just need to better use it. I love how you have your month in pictures here.

  8. fancy new workout gear 100% makes workouts better. also have I mentioned I'm jealous of the beach? I'm jealous of the beach.

  9. Fun recap! Looks like you drink about as much coffee as I do. Haha!

  10. Definitely a busy month! I like to get coffee before my grocery shopping on Sundays too!

  11. This is such a great way to recap the month!!!

  12. i haven't done an insta recap on the blog for a long time. maybe it's time to do another.

  13. Looks like your February was a lot of fun! I love seeing monthly recaps on everyone's blogs!