Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

Hello, friends!

Did you get to see my walk down baseball memory lane yesterday?? There's some quality pictures of me in my awkward middle school stage and my extremely blonde hair! I'll wait :)

Okay, now onto my favorites!


Of course, it's no longer available. But it's from Sophie & Trey and I now want all of their clothes

Coffee Muggin
I really want to put this on a canvas or print this and frame it and hang it in my kitchen. And if I don't have space, It's going in my dining room.

For the Home
I have a really big obsession with wood shelving like this and I definitely need it SOMEWHERE in my new home. Probably in the bathroom though.

How perfect are these???! I normally use my laptop or my phone when I'm looking at new recipes and I definitely would use my Kindle from now on if I got my hands on one of these. Someone send this to my husband so he can get it for me for my birthday :)

How cute is this for the little guy?? And I may or may not just created a Pinterest board just for our little guy - fingers crossed that the adoption is going to go through!

Hehehe. I shouldn't be laughing this much but it's too funny! I love Disney humor. The best are actual scenes in Disney movies that I finally caught on to the joke that I didn't understand at 7 years old.
Anyone else feel successful when that happens??

When I was in college during one of our sorority chapter meetings, one girl liked to share fun facts and one of them was "If you drink one glass of wine every day for a year - you will have gained 10lbs" Literally, everyone in the room - especially the seniors - reacted 'WHYY would you share something like that???' I went home and drank 2 glasses of wine to get a jump start :) hahaha

Heaven. In. My. Mouth.

Happy Friday, everyone! Blake and I are going for a little date night of Chipotle and seeing Unfinished Business :)

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  1. That coffee saying! So true! It's almost like, what's even the point? Give me a big cup or none at all!

  2. I love everything in this post! And now I am hungry after looking at that chocolate cupcake! Thanks for the post! I'm following :)

  3. hey. wine is good for you. they're saying a glass is like working out for an hour. so obviously I need to drink all the glasses to be skinny. I ALSO NEED THAT SWEATER. I'm not trying to decide if I could make it myself since it's no longer available.

  4. Heaven in my mouth sounds about right. Those look delightful! <3 I totally need one of those recipe holder boards! They look big enough to hold open a recipe book too maybe!?

  5. Oh my those little tart things or whatever they are look SO yummy! Today's my cheat day so I feel like eating everything in sight! Love those Kindle holders for the kitchen, so cute and handy! LOL at the Beauty and the Beast funny! Have a great weekend!

  6. AHHHH - a B&B meme! YES!!!!!
    I just saw a Instagram of a friend's bathroom that has those exact shelves in it!

  7. If I remember anything ever I feel like its a miracle right now! But its very true all the jokes we never got when we were younger... just like how they make the Disney movies now! The littles don't get them but we do!

  8. I love that dog storage! I already pinned that. Also the suggested serving of wine will be me in t-minus 3 hours.