Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Wrapup

Happy Monday, all!

This past weekend was definitely one needed. Full of relaxing and having nights in. Anyone prefer these to actually going out??
Friday, Blake came back from Spring Break with his friends and it called for a movie night. Mockingjay came out at Redbox so we rented that and got wings from our favorite place (which is way better than Buffalo Wild Wings in my opinion). It also helped that it was downpouring like crazy here so obviously we didn't want to do anything - and I didn't want to cook so it worked out!

At least this time, as opposed to in the theater, I was prepared for when Peeta attacked Katnis at the end of the movie. Still freaked me out though!
Saturday was our one year anniversary! We both had to work so we only had dinner planned. Blake got off work late and got home around 8 but luckily the restaurant my coworkers suggested to me was open late enough for us to still enjoy our anniversary. I got to wear my maxi skirt I got from eShakti, which I'm planning on showing later this week if I can get my husband to take pictures of me :)
Don't you just love whole in the wall restaurants? I've driven by this restaurant we went to so many times but never thought to go in there. Their food is so good, you guys! I got stuffed shrimp with crab meat wrapped in bacon. BACON! A little too much crab meat for my liking, but nonetheless still delicious.
Sunday, Blake had to go in to work at 5:30 in the MORNING. So I got to do my normal Sunday routine of planning my meals for the week, grocery shopping, laundry, and my Sunday Starbucks run.
 I also got to pick up some super pretty flowers!
Hope you all have a had a great weekend!

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  1. Happy anniversary!! Glad you guys were still able to celebrate despite the late work set back!
    Those flowers are the perfect pick-me-up!!

  2. Happy one year!!! that's so awesome, congrats!

    Your food looks amazing!

    I love nights in, going out and getting super hammered just because is sooo not my jam anymore.

  3. Happy Aniversary! I need to get some nice spring flowers to add some color to my place. Yours are beautiful.

  4. Happy one year anniversary! Sounds like you had a lovely time celebrating! I LOVE nights in, no shame there! Love those flowers, Gerber Daisies are my FAV! :)

  5. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a great weekend. I love the ones that have less instead of more sometimes!

  6. Those flowers are GORGEOUS! So bright!!! AH - I can't wait for spring.

    And, bacon wrapped anything - SUPER YUM!

  7. Happy one year! Those flowers are gorgeous!!

  8. Happy anniversary! You had me at bacon with that meal...mmmm!!! I do all my meal planning and grocery shopping on Sunday as well! It just works best that way. Hope you have a great week!