Monday, March 23, 2015

We've Become Regulars

We1l, Blake and I have officially become regulars here in Florida.

And it's not like this has happened within the past year of us living here - it's been within the past two months. 

There's this bar and grill called Mango's On The Bayou that is near our house that sits right on the water! They have so much to offer, too - which is why we keep coming back.

They have pool tables for $5 an hour, which Blake loves. They have awesome Margarita's at fantastic prices, which I love. And great food all around! Every body wins!

We went to this bar twice this weekend: Friday we went to just hang out and play pool. Saturday was my military wife friend's birthday so we went out to dinner there.
I feel like I got a little inside scoop from being a regular now: my waiter (who has been our waiter almost every time I've gone in there) told us that if we want a Margarita to ask for it in a regular glass so you'll get more Margarita and less ice! And it costs the same! #mindblown
Later that night we checked out a new bar that is only open from March to October called The Swamp. It's right on the water and has a really great atmosphere. And look at these drinks! So pretty!
Instead of my normal errand running Sunday, the downpour rain has kept us inside. Can't say I'm really mad about it though :) lol
I also tested out a cookie recipe from Running With Spoons - Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Cookies. They're so fluffy and addicting! Blake thinks they taste like pancakes which I guess really isn't all that bad lol :)
Countdown is now a week and a half from move-in day! Can't wait for a new place to decorate! :)
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  1. Wow those cookies look SO good!!! So glad that you guys have found a place that you love, and get inside scoops at! That's the best :)
    Looks like a fun weekend all around, minus a little rain! Hope your Monday's off to a good start!!

  2. Your pictures make me want to go to Florida, stat. And those cookies look amazing.

    Have a fabulous day! Hope Monday starts your week off right.

  3. Oh becoming a regular is great! Our friends are regulars at a bar not too far from their house, well since hanging out with them we have now become regulars to said bar. It really is great, you get some great benefits!

  4. Yum cookies. I have a really nice bar that offers pool and shuffle board and I rarely play. I should get out more often!

  5. Those cookies look gooddddd! I love cookies and those just look ridiculous. :) Love the Dunkin' selfie - I won't have many of those this week unfortunately. I decided to cut them out this week. I'm so mean to myself!

  6. It’s fantastic that you’ve settled in so quickly! We have a couple favorites right by our house – closeness is key along with a good variety! That margarita tip is key!

  7. Girl, you always make me wish I lived in Florida! Sounds like a fun place to become regulars, we definitely have a few of those around Michigan. Sometimes, they even know our order (which sometimes creeps me out haha). Those cookies look delicious too!! Have a great week!

  8. Man oh man - can I join you in FLORIDA?

  9. Looks like you had a great weekend! We are regulars at World of Beer here. Most of the staff knows us, the owner comes out and sits with us and the bartenders know what to recommend for us as far as new beers go because they know our taste pallets. It is like real life Cheers! :) Those cookies look delicious!! Cheesecake and chocolate chip? Yes, please! Have a great week!

  10. Isn't it fun when you become a regular? We are actually regulars at out Chili's, which is kind of weird since it's a chain, but we sit in the bar (because free chips and salsa and you can seat yourself and watch sports!) so we always get the same two or three servers and they know our orders! :)

    Ohhh Dunkin'! I had some Dunkin' this weekend too, what flavor did you get??

  11. I remember moving to new States while my husband was in the military. It really is so important to feel like home wherever you are. Glad this bar down the road is giving that feeling for you :)

  12. I love being "regulars" at places. James and I used to be regulars at this little Tex-Mex place and they knew our orders by heart. It was awesome, and then they closed. I have been heart broken every since. Plus I'm scared to get attached to any other place for fear we might shit it down too... haha