Thursday, April 23, 2015

Collins' Take Over

Hi guise!
My name is Collins and Mom is letting me take over today since she's leaving me for 2 days to go run a race. I mean she can run with me right here! I really like running. I just did 5 laps around the living room.

Dad thinks I'm named after Landon Collins who plays for Alabama. While Mom thinks I'm named after the daughter from The Blind Side. They can't seem to agree on the "inspiration." But I'm just the cutest pup in the world!
I've officially been living with Mom and Dad for a month now and thought it was about time I introduce myself.

I'm a 6 month old pit bull bundle of love. I melt all of the ladies pups with my sultry eyes.
My favorite things are tennis balls, my stuffed duck (I'm on my third one - his name is Ducky the Third), chewing on shoes, and the occasional ice cube that Mom tosses my way when she's filling her water.

Snuggling is another one of my favorites. Dad says I'm a natural lap dog. I can't help it if their laps fit my but perfectly! Dad secretly loves it when we spoon for bedtime.
I'm not so good with other dogs just yet. I only have one friend. He's younger than me and is one of Mom and Dad's friends'. There's a lot of dogs where we live. It's only a matter of time before they all realize how awesome I am and then they'll all want to be my friend.

I do really good in car rides too. Mom takes me to her weekly Starbucks runs and I even get a treat too :)

I don't really like taking pictures, just like Dad. But all Mom has to tell me is how cute I am and I'm smizing for days.
Even though Mom and Dad leave me at home all day to be the man of the house, I can't help but get excited when they come home! They've figured out my weakness though. A good 20 minute belly scratch is the only thing that will calm down my excitedness.

Hope you guise have liked getting to know me! Maybe I'll talk Mom into letting me taking over this little space of hers again

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  1. Oh my GOSH he is SO cute!! Such a sweet face and soulful brown eyes! Love his floppy ears!!

  2. Oh such a pretty pittie! I just love brindles.

  3. SO CUTE! I totally thought it was Collins from Blind Side :)

  4. What a cute little guy! I love the stripes on his coat!

  5. Hi Collins! You're too cute for words and I just want to give you the biggest squeeze <3

  6. Ohhhhh my gosh. TOO CUTE! These types of posts just make my dog fever go through the roof.

  7. Aww Collins is so cute! I feel like he and Leia (my dog) would be buddies :)

  8. Is Collins a plott hound? They're great dogs.