Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me! | 23 About Me


I'll be recapping my weekend tomorrow.

Since I have some new lovely faces around these parts, I figured what better way for my birthday blog post to be all about me! 23 facts that is :)

1. I got married to my redneck sweetheart on March 14th, 2014. We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary last month!

2. I moved to Florida last June for his first duty station in the Air Force: Eglin AFB

3. I was born and raised in Illinois - only 45 minutes south of Chicago!

4. I graduated from University of Illinois in May 2014 with a degree in Communications

5. I am a Sigma Kappa

6. I have two younger sisters; one is 21 and married and one just turned 18

7. We adopted our little furbabie Collins almost a month ago!

8. I really love crafting. Like, really love it. My mother always joked to be saying I should've majored in that in college instead of communications. All I say to her is "I'm pretty sure that's classified as art, Mom"

9. Funny story about my major, I really wanted to be a high school math teacher. So I started out in college as a math major. I blame calculus and my freshman counselor not so subtlely telling me I would get kicked out of school based on my ONE math grade #k #stillnotoverit

10. Now my dream is to be a college professor. Figured might as well raise the bar teaching wise :)

11. I ran my first half marathon last year in Champaign and am running my second one this weekend in Nashville!
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12. My husband and I met at a 3 day country music festival in the mountains of Arkansas. Neither of us are from there.

13. Obviously, I love country music. I'm watching the ACMs while writing this post.

14. I was on my poms/dance team and played softball in high school. My poms team was back to back state champs my junior and senior year of high school. Nbd.

15. I really, really love line dancing.

16. Born and raised Cubs fan.

17. The Blackhawks are pretty cool, too

18. I'm addicted to Chipotle. I don't get it as much as I did in college, but I was at the opening day of the store down here in Florida #notashamed

19. I really love Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.

20. A good Bloody Mary always makes me a happy. A Margarita will do it too.

21. I used to think pizza and hamburger helper were essentials and family meals. Now I like to think that I can cook. But I still eat a lot of pizza.

22. I'm a complete book worm. If you have any book recommendations I would love to hear what you all are reading!

23. It was a lot harder than I thought it was to come up with 23 facts about me. Maybe I'm not as interesting as I thought I was, ha.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I'll be sharing all about mine tomorrow :)

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  1. Happy birthday!!! I love a good bloody mary too...yum!!
    Hope you have a nice Monday--can't wait to hear about your weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday, Lauren! This was such a fun post to get to know you better. Thanks for sharing all these facts. Have the most wonderful day :)

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful! Have an amazing day!! Loved reading more about you, your pup is ADORABLE!!! :)

  4. Awesome work on the marathon! I found your blog through Life of Meg. Stop by my Wednesday link up (still live) if you get a chance :)

  5. Happy Birthday & Lots of dove love your way!

  6. Happy, happy birthday beautiful! I pretty much already knew all these things, so, I'm feeling pretty cool. Hope you have the best day!!! Virtual hugs!

  7. Happy Birthday! Love getting to know you better :)

  8. Happy birthday, pretty lady! April Birthdays are the best. I just celebrated mine last week! Hope you had a fabulous birthday weekend!

  9. Happy Birthday lady!
    Sending you good vibes for Saturday - I want to be there so badly!

  10. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great one! (:

  11. You and your husband met in my home state! May I ask what city you guys met in? I'm from the Northwest Arkansas area. Happy Happy Birthday to ya!