Thursday, April 9, 2015

March a la Instagram

This is a little overdo. But at least it's within the first 10 days of the month!

1. We bid farewell to one of our friends who was PCSing to Texas from here in Florida. He was one of the first guys I really became friends with here so it was real bittersweet.
2 & 3. I was getting into the #BLphotochallenge this month from The Blogger Life Facebook group

4. I was really digging some big natural hair this past month. I'm doing this thing where I just let my hair air dry and either tease it or let it be.
5. It was one of my best friend's birthday! She's currently in Michigan at grad school.
6. Starbs pairing with my being in car repair shops all day
7. My latest craft - DIY Chalkboard

8. The beautiful spring flowers I found at Walmart!
9. We spent the spring forward weekend at the beach and it was perfect!

10. Can never go wrong with margs at our favorite place.
11 & 12. More #BLphotochallenge: Coffee and florals!
13. Blake was gone for the week in Panama City and I indulged in my love Chipotle :)
14. I bought a new jean jacket from Old Navy that I am soo in love with. I've actually never owned a jean jacket so I was pretty pumped about it.
15. I'm so obsessed with my weekly fridge planner I got from Julia that I use it for my weekly meal planning.
16. Hey! I actually decided to look decent for work. Only because we we're celebrating our one year wedding anniversary!

17. I loved sharing some of my wedding pictures for our one year anniversary!
18. I finished Joey's book this month and I could not put it down! Definitely should go pick this one up on Amazon!
19. Sunshine flowers from Walmart!

20. Gotta have the green beer and green attire on St. Patricks Day!
21. I did my first review of eShakti! I'm so in love with my maxi skirt I got from them.
22. We officially added this little handsome devil to our family. Everyone meet Collins!
23. Saturdays are always the time for having coffee the size of my head. Especially from Dunkin.
24. We celebrated my military wife friend's birthday!

25. I took it upon myself to do a little Sunday baking: Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Cookies courtesy of Running With Spoons
26. We got to pick up our handsome little devil from getting fixed and he officially came home with us.
27. I did a mug swap with the lovely Madi over at And So I Did and she got me the cutest mug with my favorite color!
28. We took a joy ride up to Dothan to pick up my brother in law that was going to hang out with us for the week. He does so good in the car!
29. Am I officially a puppy mama now?? Selfies definitely make it official.

Hope everyone has had a great day so far! One more day closer to the weekend!

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  1. March was a super fun-filled month for you. Even tho I follow you on Instagram, it's kinda fun to see the whole month's worth of pictures in one place :)

  2. Awe Collins!!! What a cutie! I love seeing instagram recaps, so fun.

  3. What is that chocolatey looking drink you have from Starbucks?? It looks so good! I'm currently doing a 24- Challenge and I'm only on Day 4 so I can't have it anyway, but it still looks sooooo good! Now I'll go find my celery and refill my water. =/

  4. Puppy!!! Cute. Also happy anniversary! Looks like you had a great month.

  5. Cute!! Isn't Instagram awesome?! It's my favorite form of social media!!