Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nashville Rock n' Roll Half Marathon

I'm finally able to recap my trip to Nashville this past weekend.
More importantly, I'm able to walk without a limp and sit down without busting into tears.

If none have you done a race in Nashville - I highly recommend you do it. Especially the Rock n' Roll series!
You don't have to be a fool like I am and run the half. There's also a 5k and 10k portion of it. Or if you want to be real crazy and run the full marathon - more power to you.

I drove in Thursday night after work and didn't get in until 1 in the morning. All of my group that I was meeting there was out on the town so I just met them all at the hotel. You know what sucks even more about driving 7 hours? Driving 7 hours in the mountains and in the dark. Not fun.
Friday was packet pick up day and the expo was packed! It was set up just like Ikea - a big maze and will take you hours to get out and see daylight again.
I was fully prepared to spend all sorts of money on Nashville swag. Ironic thing is that the only item of clothing I got that has the Nashville Rock n' Roll logo on it is the race shirt I got for free. But I did get an awesome shirt that says "Will Run For Beer" so I'm pretty content with that.
After the expo we went on a tram tour of downtown that told us all about the sights of Nashville which was pretty cool. We had the option to hop off and hop back on different stops but since we had such a big group we didn't want to risk not getting all of us onto the next tram.

What I really liked about the tour is that it gave me a better understanding of the route for the race the next day since it was pretty much the same.
Saturday we had to be up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 4:45 IN THE MORNING for 7AM start time. It was projected for the weather to rain the entire race but luckily the ran passed right by us and it was nothing but cool weather and overcast. Perfect running weather!
If it was sunny and 80 degrees I don't think I would've finished. Probably would have crawled the entire time. Or flag down the golf cart medic to give me a ride to the finish line.
I stuck with my mom the entire time which I'm super happy I did because she really pushed me to run when I didn't want to. I didn't really train for it by any means so I wasn't expecting a spectacular time. Mostly because there we're so many hills!
And I'm not talking about little baby hills. Or going uphill the entire time and then go downhill the second half of the race. These we're practically mountains and they we're constant.
But I ended up finishing! Which is the most important thing. And I wasn't too far off of my time from my first half marathon last year. My final time was 3:09 - which considering last year was 3:03 and it was all hills, I can't really complain about that!
Despite all of the hills and my terrible race time, I actually really enjoyed this race. The scenery was awesome running through downtown Nashville and there we're people watching on the sides all throughout the course. They also had bands playing almost at every mile marker which also made the race a lot of fun too. With my mom running next to me and the bands playing, I only ran with one ear bud in the entire time.
Not gonna lie, probably am going to register for this race again. Only because it's $50 for pre-registration. Maybe this time I'll train better for it. Probably not.

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  1. How much training did you do? I had signed up for one and it's eeek on Sunday - but, I had an injury - so I haven't been able to run all the time..... I am wondering if I should just do it - I'm sure I can do the whole thing - whether or not I would meet my goal time is the question

  2. I'm wanting to do this race so badly.. maybe we'll meet up next year & tackle those hills together :)

  3. I'm still impressed that you did a half marathon(s). I don't think I could ever do it! Also, I really want to visit Nashville, so maybe I should run the half and get my butt down there!

  4. Ahh my goal is to do a half marathon one day! I just signed up for my first 5k! baby steps...

  5. Fabulous!!!!! You go girl on that half. One day I will do day. Nashville rocks so much. I love going there. Glad you had an awesome time! xo Amanda @ ABW