Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekend Wrapup: Birthday Edition

Hey guys! I told you I would be back with my birthday weekend update!

Mostly it's going to be a photo dump. Now that I look at it I'm pretty surprised at myself that I took so many pictures. I mean, it was my birthday weekend!
Friday, we went to my favorite country bar for a little line dancing. Obvi. I had plans to go to another beachside bar but girlfriend had to work the next day!

Am I the only person who goes home at midnight on the night to celebrate their birthday? Probably.
Blake even bought me a birthday cake! We had some friends over for some grilling and I stuffed my face with this chocolatey goodness.
Oh, hey front iPhone camera quality.
I must say, a year ago when I moved down here I did not think I would have anyone to celebrate my birthday with. I'm so happy that I've made friends with these lovely people during our stay here!
The large was definitely needed for work the next day. I even looked like I rolled out of bed when I got to work which I most definitely did do just that. #noshame #noonecanseemethroughthephone

Saturday we definitely needed to relax in and I was very obliged to do just that.
I've been eyeing this mug at Dunkin for probably a month. Not that it was expensive or anything. Only $5.99 and I just had to splurge on myself and buy this pretty colored mug. I'm still holding out for the state themed mugs from both Dunkin and Starbucks.

Sunday was time for the laundry, cleaning up after our festivities, and going to the pet store because some little pitbull decided to chew through his harness Saturday while both Blake and I we're at work.

He also thought it was okay to pick out a toy because that's what he got on Wednesday after getting his nails cut. While I was looking at the harnesses he snuck off to the nearby aisle and scooped up this lion.

I looked down and saw it was in his mouth so obviously we had to get it.
Snuggling with his new Lion.

We also watched the ACMs on Sunday night and I was pretty pleased with the whole show. Only thing I was confused about was why in the world Nick Jonas was there and why Dan + Shay didn't sing any of their own songs. Like, I get collaborating like what Christina Aguilera did with Rascal Flatts. But seriously, sing one of your own songs too please.
We did some serious cuddling during the ACMs

Monday was the big day. I went to breakfast with one of my coworkers and had enough time to get my free birthday rewards Starbucks.

I was a very happy birthday girl.
Blake and I went out to dinner to hibachi place in town and it was so good! We haven't had hibachi since before Blake left for his tech school training so I was very excited about it.

I even got the prettiest margarita I've every seen.
Meanwhile while taking this picture, Blake continues to say "can you not take a picture of your drink? Just once."

I mean, you saw this thing! Picture worthy indeed, sir!

Hope you all will stop on by for #HashtagHumpDay tomorrow with me and my best gal pal, Laura!

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  1. Collins Selfie! Love the puppy face!

    It looks like you had an amazing birthday! :) And that cake looks TOO delic!

  2. What a fabulous birthday! I love your line dancing outfit, you look great!! AHH STOP IT with the puppy snuggling his lion, TOO adorable! I so know those LARGE Dunkin' Donuts days, so necessary sometimes! :D Glad you had a great birthday girl!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!! Looks like you had a blast!!