Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Wrapup

I was going to write about the MTV Movie Awards. But then laundry needed to be picked up and Bar Rescue and Catfish needed to be watched. So that obviously didn't happen.

But I do have a few thoughts:

I love Amy Schumer. I actually didn't even know who she was until a few weeks ago. And not because of the commercials for the show. But because I found one of her shows on Netflix. She's so awkward but she's funny at the same time!

Anyone else always think of Shailene Woodley as the girl from Secrets of an American Teenager with her insane comeover and her baby John. Now she's a badass actress and I'll be the first to admit that I never saw that one coming.


What is with Emily Radishkowsky's (I have no idea if I spelled that right and don't want to look it up) dress??? Even Blake said it was off and he doesn't really have much of an opinion of what I wear.

The dude that sang with Fall Out Boy. Like, seriously. Who are you? I know I'm not hip on the music in rap and R&B but that guy was pretty terrible.

And that's all the thoughts I have right now because I started watching Catfish and Bar Rescue.

This weekend was very relaxing and much needed after all of the week prior with too many boys in my house. I even told Blake that all I wanted to do this weekend was sit on my couch and not lift a finger.

Blake grilled out both nights. We got Little Ceasars on Sunday so I didn't have to cook at all which was extremely refreshing.
We had some people over on Friday night to watch the Royals game. I got to make my queso dip which made my heart and soul extremely happy.
Saturday night we ended up going out that night. It wasn't overdone, on my part anyways, but I got to line dance a little bit which is always a good time. Especially since I'm going to Nashville in two weeks! For running purposes not really for going out and having fun purposes.
Sunday was spent all day doing laundry and giving Collins a much needed bath and nail trim attempt. Anyone have any suggestions with trimming dogs nails?? Our landlord suggested if using dog clippers don't work to use a regular nail file but he's having no part of that either. #SOS #dogmomhelp

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  1. I never expected Shailene Woodley to be anything after Secret Life. That's why I'm still shocked when she keeps showing up in movie after movie and girl can actually act. I've really grown fond of her as a celebrity too which was even more unexpected during that show.

  2. Our dogs HATE getting their nails clipped, Adam does it and he's able to control the crazy somehow! But they yelp and wiggle and make such a fuss!

  3. Shailene Woodley - I mean seriously, who saw that coming?

    My Alaska, doesn't seem to mind getting her nails clipped. I think it has to do with the type of clippers you get. Her nails are super thick - so we got a heavy duty groomers nail clipper - It cost us a pretty penny, but the only time she gives us trouble is when her nails are really close to the qwik. If you already have heavy duty clippers - then I recommend food. Have your man feed the dog slices of turkey or something while you clip the nails. Distraction!!!!

  4. Did you know that Shailene's first acting job was SAPT? She was soooo bad in that show [as was all the acting, good gosh] but is doing awesome now. good for her1

  5. Is it sad that I didn't even know the MTV Movie Awards were this weekend? Man that is ridiculous. I like Amy Schumer too but some of her skits in her shows are a little to I just dont think it is that funny. But her stand up is hilarious! Channing....mmmmmm

    If you figure out the dog nail thing, let me know. Gracie has never let me cut hers. I always have to take her to the vet and pay them to do it.