Thursday, May 7, 2015

April a la Instagram

Anyone else freaking out that it's May already?

Anyone? Bueller? Okay, just me then.

April was another busy month for me and looking back on my Insta-roll you can definitely tell a lot happened!

I'm also noticing that these recaps are happening like a week after the first of the month. I will try for May to not make it so late! But I am going to Mexico at the end of the month so no promises :)

1. My brother in law was visiting in the beginning of April and also two of Blake's friends visited for one of the weeknds. Obvi, a trip to our favorite Mexican restaurant was necessary.
2. Our first official family picture!
3. Never trust a guy to take pictures. You will end up with 20 pictures on your camera roll of the you waiting for the picture to be taken. But sometimes they turn out super cute!
4. After a long weekend of 4 men, not including my dog, taking over my house - a Bloody Mary on Sunday was necessary.
5. Puppy boy got his first Easter present and really enjoyed his bone while I did laundry. We had a very relaxing Easter Sunday.
6. My errand days, which happens to be Wednesday, is not complete without Starbs.
7. I'm getting into the habit of Saturdays when I'm at work of them being a two-coffee kind of day. And I have a feeling in the next month or so it'll probably a recurring habit.
8. It was my baby sisters 18th birthday!
9. After being a good boy getting his nails trimmed for the first time, Collins got to pick out a toy and is now his third duck since we adopted him.
10. I really love coffee.
11. I celebrated my birthday early with friends since I was going to be in Nashville the next weekend and my birthday was on a Monday this year.
12. All of the coffee is necessary after birthday excursions.
13. I even splurged and bought myself a new mug from Dunkin. Only took me a month to convince myself to buy it :)
14. Two toys in one week. This one I did not reward him with but he put his mouth on it when I wasn't looking so I couldn't really put it back.
16. The prettiest birthday margarita and hibachi dinner with hubs.
17. I headed out to Nashville after work and a large coffee was my driving companion until the wee hours of the night.
18. Getting ready for the big race and laying out all of my race gear!
19. Our AC broke, I was in a lot of pain, and Blake bribed me with ice cream to drive him somewhere. At least he knows the way to my heart.
20. I got a lot of souvenirs in Nashville and the only thing I got that was for the race was the free shirt we got for signing up. But I am starting my Starbucks You Are Here coffee mug collection. 
21. Beautiful day for sundress weather to begin! I'm late to the party but I was feeling it that day :)
22. This is a normal sleeping positions for him but I can't look away because it never gets old
23. Recapped the whole weekend and running adventures in Nashville!

Looking back I had an exciting April: we moved, my birthday, brother in law visiting, and going to Nashville. Blogging wise I slacked a little bit but I'm not even a little bit mad about it. Life happens and I think that's what makes this little space of mine special and real.

I love sharing my life and my story with all of you - here's to a great May!

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  1. Love the Insta recap! And that's definitely an exciting month for you! Here's to an even better May :D

  2. Lovin' all the Dunkin coffee pics! :) Definitely my favorite

  3. This is a great idea for an insta recap. SISTA...I cannot even believe that April just passed us by SO quickly!! Hope your day is awesome!!!

  4. So fun! I see a and margaritas :) Love it!

  5. FUN post! I love it. And Mexico at the end of May?!?! Jealous over here! xo Amanda