Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Four For You!

Four for you, Glen Coco! You go, Glen Coco!

Today I'm taking a page from Laura's book and talking a little more about little ol' me.

Four is a pretty reasonable number - and these categories are pretty fun, too!
4 names you go by
 - Laur
 - Leo
 - Laurie Anna
 - Rager (my maiden name)

4 jobs you've had
 - Reservation agent
 - Waitress
 - Hostess
 - Cashier
Clearly I really love customer service...

4 movies I've watched more than once
 - Lion King
 - Finding Nemo
 - Mean Girls
 - Dumb and Dumber

4 books I would recommend
 - 13 reasons why
 - Bitter is the New Black
 - The Husband's Secret
 - The One & Only

4 places I've lived
 - Plainfield, IL
 - Romeoville, IL
 - Champaign, IL
 - Fort Walton Beach, FL

4 places I've been
 - Folly Beach, SC
 - San Diego, CA
 - Tuscaloosa, AL
 - San Antonio, TX

4 places I would rather be now
 - The beach
 - A beach with a bar
 - My couch
 - South Carolina

4 of my favorite foods
 - Chips and queso/salsa
 - Bloody Mary's (hey, it has tomatoes in it!)
 - Chipotle
 - Pizza

4 TV shows I watch
 - Criminal Minds
 - Finding Carter
 - The Blacklist
 - Bar Rescue

4 thinks I'm looking forward to this year
 - More beach days!
 - Alabama game day
 - Going home for my sister's graduation party
 - A possible vacation later in the year for Blake and I!

4 things I'm always saying
 - Hi Pumpkin! (Collins' is my little pumpkin pie :) )
 - You wanna take a picture?? :) (While, Blake glares at me)
 - Can we go to Starbs/Dunkin?
 - Why aren't you laughing??

Now all of your turn! Have fun, kids!

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  1. LOL "Can we go to Starbs/Dunkin?" would be on my list too! I may be addicted. ;) I would love to be at the beach right now too!

  2. Love this!! I did mine yesterday but it was a little different. Now I need some Dunkin.

  3. bloody marys totally count as food!

  4. Totally a Mean Girls addict - love watching it!

  5. I would really rather be at the beach right now too!!!! Mean Girls has probably been viewed about 100 times over here, along with Finding Nemo and Lion King. Which Alabama game are you coming down for? Roll Tide!!! :)

  6. I have been both a cashier (several times) and a hostess. People don't realize how much crap the hostess puts up with. I am not saying that the servers do not have a hard job, but the hostess often takes the blame for everything. Cashiering is no picnic, either.

  7. Love these posts!!!! It's fun learning more about you!