Thursday, May 28, 2015

Playa del Carmen Pt.1 | Swim with Delphinus

Hello, everyone!

I'm alive and (kind of) fully recovered from my vacation. I'm here to recap the first two days of my Mexico excursion.

I flew out of Pensacola and met my mom and sisters in Cancun. So my flight was at 6am which meant I had to be awake at 2 IN THE MORNING to finish packing.

Needless to say - coffee was extremely necessary. Apparently drinking getting a cocktail at the airport at 4 in the morning is frowned upon. I don't get it.
But you best believe I got myself a Bloody Mary on the flight there #sorrynotsorry
I landed in Cancun mid-afternoon and waited for my family to arrive at the airport. Once we went through customs, the weather was hot! Like hotter than Florida weather right now, hot.

We had a shuttle take us to our resort - we were staying at The Royal Haciendas and it was unbelievable! Such a beautiful place. Naturally once we got settled into our room slightly we went to lay out by the pool and get some rays that was left for the day.
What was really nice about our resort - the pool had a swim up bar, total win, and it was right on the beach too! Granted we didn't have a view of the beach from our balcony but we weren't in the room that often to enjoy it anyways.
On Tuesday we had an excursion planned at Xcaret where we got to swim with dolphins, snorkeling, and swimming through caves. I was particularly excited about swimming with dolphins :)
Picture perfect scenery, isn't it??
There was even some extremely large sea turtles!! We weren't allowed to swim with them though.
We got to do our dolphin swim a new mama and she was just the sweetest. Her name was Rain and she kept leaving us to go make sure her baby Julio was okay. Our instructor was saying that she didn't trust the babysitters. Just like a real human mama.
When Rain was doing tricks with other people in our group, Julio kept coming up to us to play and they told us that we couldn't touch him!! Like, how can you say we can't touch the baby dolphin?? That's like saying if you see a puppy, don't touch him. That is gonna make me want to play with him more.

But he was such a cutie pulling on our bathing suit strings and life vest straps. Just wanting to play like a real baby.

I wish I had more pictures of us with the dolphins but my mom has the disc with our pictures from the session and our video too. So I have to settle with sharing our Instagram pictures with all of you.
I won't lie, I freaked out for a second when she was swimming through us and petting her. But I got used to her and she even gave us kisses :)
If any of you haven't swam with dolphins yet, I highly recommend doing it! It was life changing and I want to find a place down here in Florida to do it at because it was so much fun.

Or if any of you are planning a trip out to Riviera Maya or in the Cancun/Playa del Carmen area, go to Xcaret for one of your excursions and do the Swim with Delphinus. The price package to buy all of the photos is a little pricey but it's totally worth it in my opinion. Or you can buy individual pictures as an option instead of buying the whole CD like we did.

Well, that's the first two days of my Mexico trip! I'll be sharing more next week!

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  1. Love a good bloody mary!!
    And the dolphin swim--yay!!! I've done it twice and it was awesome. I'm kind of borderline obsessed with dolphins tho, so I'm overly excited about activities with them haha

  2. TURTLES AND DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love it!!!!

    4am is the perfect time for a drink - I mean, right?

  3. What a fabulous trip and a great location! These photos are gorgeous and it's so cool you were that close to the sea turtle! Swimming with dolphins is the best!

  4. We swam with the dolphins with delphinus 2 years ago when my sister got married in the Riviera Maya however they took us up to their Cancun location to do it. It was a blast and this is making me really missing us planning an all inclusive this year - just too busy! Looks like you had a blast!! Going to pop by to see your other vacation entries, hope you don't mind!

    Stopping by from Stuff -n- Things!

  5. Beautiful pics, looks like a dreamy place! AHHH the dolphins, so cute! So cool that you got to swim with them!

  6. Looks like so much fun. I miss palm trees.

  7. Ugh so jealous of you right now. I need some caribbean in my life. White sands, blue waters. Nothing makes you more relaxed than that.

  8. So glad you made it to Xcaret! That's where I swam with dolphins too! It was one of my favorite memories of Mexico. Seriously though, I am so very jealous of your vacation - I'm exhausted from mine and I wish I would have been at the beach instead!