Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Wrapup

Hello everyone!! Happy Monday!

Did you all have a great weekend?? Did you send love to your mom yesterday?? I wish I could be with mine this year but I'll be seeing her this time next week on the beaches of Mexico :)

This weekend we:

- Spent Friday at a friends house watching the Royals game and went out to my favorite country bar

- I started an earlier shift on Saturday so now I get off at 3! But I have to go in at 7 in the morning...
- Went to the dog park with my favorite little man

- The weather was perfect on Saturday which called for some margaritas and queso for dinner.

- Went to sleep really, really early on Saturday night and watched Hitch

- Had another beautiful day on Sunday!
- Walked along the harbor and had margaritas from Margaritaville and a very large Bloody Mary #sundayfunday
- Went antique/thrift store shopping and bought way too much things for our bathroom and Blake's mancave.

- I even splurged on myself and bought this gorgeous all lace motorcycle jacket. My sister said that it was very me, so that was reason enough to get it :)
- Went to Best Buy, Micheal's and Chipotle :)

- We had a plan of going to the dog park again on Sunday but as we we're driving out there, Blake got called into work.

- Realized I really need to get back into cooking this week because we've gone out to eat almost every single day this week... #lazycook

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Looks like a lovely and gorgeous weather weekend. All of your food and drinks look yummy and that jacket is fabulous. I LOVE a good motorcycle jacket!

  2. Looks like such a fun weekend! That jacket is adorable!

  3. I love Collins' collar! Looks like you had a busy weekend!

  4. That jacket is beautiful and I love that quote! Happy monday girl!


  5. I need that Chipotle in my mouth right now!! And I wish we had some good thrift stores around us. We have like 2 and that's it. And sometimes Goodwill's around us are really hit or miss.

  6. That jacket is so cute! You can find the coolest things thrifting! Looks like a beautiful weekend!

  7. That sign in too funny! It's like me and donuts >.<

  8. You had me at bloody mary & Chipotle. Sounds like a perfect weekend.

  9. oh, that jacket is adorable! I love it! I also think margaritas + queso is my favorite meal....

  10. Sounds like such a great weekend! and yes, the jacket is very you - totally worth the splurge! I'm jealous of your fun filled weekend!

  11. Yummmm chipotle and margaritas are always a great idea! And Mexico Ernest week? Jealousssss :)

  12. The lace motorcycle jacket is so pretty! Whenever I find something that I feel is "very me" it usually gets purchased too!

  13. It sounds like a busy but good weekend. I cracked up at the 500 beers sign. I love when stores have funny out front marketing like that.