Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Baby Shower Basket

As I pointed out yesterday, we had a baby shower brunch for one of my girlfriends down here for her baby boy and I had to show you all what I put together!

Sure, it's not like a DIY type of thing. Nor are these specifics that you HAVE to give for a baby shower present.

But I thought the presentation was pretty spot on :) #patontheback
Key essentials in any baby shower gift, you know besides diapers and wipes, fun onesies!
I wanted to get a few things off her registry that wouldn't break my wallet even more so than the total of this gift already did. So I got her her crib sheets and soothing blankets.

Which I was told I did a pretty good job of getting those because she said she was about to cave and go buy the sheets herself so she can start to put her nursery together.
I wanted to do something personalized for her and I was between a wine glass and coffee mug. Since she's an avid coffee drinker like myself more so than wine, I felt the coffee mug was the safer bet.

Mostly I couldn't remember if she liked wine or not either, so coffee it was.

Not pictured, the bow I tied around the basket that I put on after I took these pictures and hustled out the door to brunch.

Overall, I'm super pleased with how her gift together!

I could've gone typical and put it all in a bag that she'll never use again. But I wanted to be different and give her something that I know she could actually use in her house or the nursery.

Her exact words we're "You would do something that looks like it came off Pinterest!"

I mean :)

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  1. I'm so bad at gift presentation! This looks awesome, and you put such great things in it!

  2. Cute stuff! I love when people give a combination of registry items and personalized gifts. :)

  3. Hahaha! I love that Saved By The Bell gif! Awesome gift box - love the coffee mug and the cute sheets and blankets! Totally Pinterest-worthy!