Wednesday, June 10, 2015

#HashtagHumpDay | Vol.27

Hello ladies!

It's #HashtagHumpDay and I'm joined by my fave gal pal and blogger in crime Laura - give her some love why don't you!

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren

Lets call these rules the 'skinny' because rules sounds way too formal and this is anything but:
  - Talk about whatever you like! Just as long as you ad a #hashtag at the end of it because it's #fun
  - Link your post up here or with my gal pal Laura so we can read all about your life and thoughts #takenoprisoners
  - Comment on at least one other post and make friends because that's the point of linkup right? #letsbefriends
  - Share it on social media and add #hashtaghumpday #allofthesocialmedia
  - Have fun! #hashtageverything

Can I say how much I love having Wednesdays off?? It breaks up the week and I can be lazy all day with no regrets #noragrets #notevenasingleletter

We had planned to go to the dog beach today. But due to good ol' Florida Mother Nature it's scheduled to rain all day by the beach. Collins is clearly pissed even though he'll get to sleep all day anyways #dogbeachdays #calledonaccountofrain

But in all honesty - anyone know of recipes that are high in protein but not so much carbs?? That are husband approved too because I really don't want to make separate meals just for him #sendmethehealthymeals

I got Collins an extremely large bone on Sunday and it's already down to nub. Boy really likes his bones and I should probably be putting him on a bone allowance #boneshortage #collinsneedsapiggybank

Now we're off to the dog park before the rain hits and wear out my puppy a little bit. Happy hump day friends!

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  1. Man I wish I had Wednesday's off. I feel so exhausted after our emergency vet trip last night and laying awake all night worrying. More on that tomorrow. As for healthy recipes - sans the carbs - lettuce wraps are always a good option and you can do all sorts of fillings from buffalo chicken, to classic Asian lettuce wraps, or even like gyro style! Usually guy approved. Also I did a meatza a while back (meat crust pizza) and it was fabulous and felt so sinful without any carbs! For something super easy (basically what I do every night) I marinate some meat, any variety, then cut it into bite size pieces, and stirfry it with a bunch of veggies, pouring the extra marinade in with it. And that's our whole meal. It's better than it sounds I promise.

  2. All I can do is look at that picture of Collins and squeal over the cuteness. What a loveable guy!!!

  3. That bone looks bigger than HE does. Such a cutie!!!!

  4. Awe, look at the doggie bone :) That reminds me it has been forever since I have gotten my dogs any bones and I must go get some this weekend!!!

    Husband approved recipes can be hard!!! Most things can be turned in to lettuce wraps! Tacos, burgers, ground turkey or shredded chicken with that is always an option.