Monday, June 8, 2015

Just Workin' On My Fitness

I made the decision when I returned from trip from Mexico to make a change in my life and to get more fit. Really I made this decision for one of my 2015 goals - so technically I'm on the right track!

What really did me in is that I was in a bikini all week. Not that I don't live in Florida or anything and I already knew what I looked like. But it really hit me that week that I needed to make a change.
I hired a personal trainer - who is also a fellow military spouse! - and she gave me an 8 week workout program and meal guide for focusing on my macros. 
This past week was kinda me trying to figure out how to work my way through the kitchen and I kinda wanted to work with the foods I had. But I did start to buy the right foods and I even pinned new recipes that really focus on macros and healthier eating.
I'm even planning on putting my progress up here to hold myself accountable. Not only do I have to do this with my trainer and send her weekly updates - but I might as well do it with all of you as well :)

Since I didn't really take before pictures right before I started - I'll be comparing with after my first week of the program and eating right. 

Until next weeks progress update!
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  1. dang girl rock it out! I need to get back on a strict fitness regime! It is just so hard when all I want to do is relax haha! Have a great monday


  2. Good for you. ROCK IT!

    I started running on the regular starting last week - started a push up/squat challenge - and am really going to stay committed to eating as good as possible.

  3. I know that you are going to rock this!!! Cheers to lifestyle changes :) I am right there with you!

  4. YOU GO GIRL! :) You are going to do amazing! I've been struggling with my fitness program and I've considered doing a before and after and tracking progress on my blog too but I'm scared, lol!

  5. Get it girl!! I'm getting back on that fitness bandwagon this summer. I've already planned out my attack. I just hope I've got the cajones to do it.

  6. Get it girl! I hope you share your progress and experience with a trainer!