Monday, June 1, 2015

May a la Instagram

Happy Monday, everyone!

Another month has passed - and now we are in the half way mark through the year. Woah.

Can anyone else believe that???

Let me recap my month for you, friends :)
1. We took Collins on his first trip to the dog beach! He doesn't exactly like the water, the sand was a huge hit though.
2. Getting out of work early - frappy hour ensued with coworkers :)

3. We tried doing the Cinco de Mayo celebration like everyone else but our favorite Mexican place had over an hour late. Even normal restaurants had that long of a wait. Even though we went on the 2nd, so it was kinda like we went on Cinco de Mayo. Except it was normal dinner.
4. Collins had his first trip to the dog park and this was the result after 15 minutes of running around with other dogs.
5. I tried combining different types of flowers for a little brightness in our new place :)

6. We had a great Sunday with a lot of thrift shopping for our new place

7. I really love the S'mores frappuccino
8. Collins and I had a relaxing night in accompanied by my new book and a bloody mary
9. Collins and I have a lot of trips to the dog park with stops at Starbucks. He always gets a treat too! 

10. Breaking out the new maxi's I bought for my Mexico trip!
11. We found a breakfast place that has a build your own Bloody Mary bar and these we're the size of the glasses! It was the size of my head and it was awesome!
12. We had a little family day the day before I left for my trip to Mexico
13. I had to be up and leaving for the airport at 3 am for my 6am flight. I really wish I had a Bloody Mary instead of coffee. Even though the coffee was a good alternative.

14. Our first day in Playa del Carmen!
15. I got to swim with dolphins and it was awesome!!
16. I really loved our resort and the pool with swim up bar was unbelievable! I'll be sharing the next few days of our trip tomorrow :)

17. We got to do snorkeling, hang out on the beach with our bubba kegs (kept our drinks cold all day!), and had to do the traveling to the airport picture :)
18. This past weekend we went out to the country bar and went all out. We're planning on going on a spending freeze for June so we wanted to splurge a little this past weekend

19. Also along with our spending freeze, I won't be having my Starbucks/Dunkin fixes all month. So Collins and I splurged with our 2 hour trip to the dog park on Sunday

Did you all have a great month of May? Hope you had a great weekend as well!

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  1. Love that cute pink dress!!!! Adorable!! I need some new sundresses. Mine are all old and don't fit anymore.

  2. LOVE that dress and the boots, so cute! Love your swimsuit too! And love all of the coffee in these pics, lol! Looks like a great May!

  3. Okay - I'm sorry I read "BUILD YOUR OWN Bloody Mary Bar" - SHUT UP! Must experience such a place once in my life!

    Good for you with the spending freeze. :)