Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Playa del Carmen Pt.2 | Edventures

I'm back with a 2nd recap of my trip to Playa del Carmen!

If you missed the first part - here you go! There's really cute dolphins!

On Thursday we did another excursion called Edventures. It's by this guy named Ed (get it??) and you have different options on what to do all day: The Mayan ruins in Tulum, ziplining, snorkeling in Senotes, snorkeling with turtles. We did it all!

If you ever have one of these trips, get a private tour. We did it, and it was extra price, but it was completely worth it because then your guide would just be focusing on you. And you get some great pictures!

The beginning of our trip starting at 8 in the morning with hiking through the Mayan ruins.
Lindsey was feeding the iguanas. They we're everywhere!
Our next stop was ziplining. I was a little scared to do it since it was my first time but it was so awesome!
This is me trying to turn upside down...
Our next stop was snorkeling in the caves, also called Senotes. These we're so pretty. Clear waters that you can see everything in!
Our next stop was the best - snorkeling with sea turtles!!
This day was by far my favorite. And most exhausting. We went back to the hotel, ate dinner, and crashed right away. We were all in bed by 8 and was not even sorry about it :)

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  1. This looks SO cool! I LOVE sea turtles, how fun to swim with them! The Senotes look really cool too! I want to go ziplining! It looks terrifying but fun, lol!

  2. :) How magical this trip is! I love how happy you look in each of these pictures. :)