Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Playa del Carmen Pt.3 | All About the Pool

It's the last part about my Mexico trip and it's all about the beautiful pool at the resort!

If you're new here, or have been missing out - here's part 1 and part 2!
We stayed at the Royal Haciendas and it was beyond beautiful. It sat right on the beach. Easy access from the pool to the sand. 
What was really awesome about the resort is we got the all inclusive package - free food and alcohol for all! The servers would come out to the beach and the pool as we laid and relaxed.

We even made friends with a couple of the servers towards the end of the week :)
The best thing my mother has ever done was bring these bubba kegs for our vacation. They kept your drink cold all day! Especially helpful when I saw in the regular cups almost all of the ice was melted in the cocktails by the time you got them.

No warm beer or alcohol for Lauren.
We spent two of our days that week at the pool all day and I'm so happy we did. It broke up our excursion days and was nice towards the end of the week when all I really wanted to do was relax.
This was the pool at our resort. Isn't it pretty???!
And you see that red, circular building sticking out of the pool? That's the swim up bar. It was the greatest thing ever!
The last night of our trip we changed out of our normal attire of swimsuits and coverups and put on our best dress for a nice dinner.
When we went on our last vacation in South Carolina we took professional pictures so this night we tried to recreate them at a nearby beach. I haven't seen them quite yet but I'm hoping that they turn out super cute!

Well, that's a wrap folks! My whole Mexico vacation and it only took 3 blog posts to recap all of it! A record? I think so :)
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  1. Looks so relaxing and fun!! What a beautiful place!