Thursday, June 18, 2015

Quietwater Beach

I think I'm starting to see a trend here.

Wednesdays are turning into "Collins' Days" aka we make plans based on if we can bring Collins or not.

I just really like hanging out with my dog and my little family on my day off.

And this Wednesday was definitely a very fun day. Even Blake said so which is always a good thing coming from his mouth :)
We got beautiful clear skies, 0% precipitation and 50% humidity, type of day down here in the panhandle which called for a dog beach kind of day.

In typical Mullikin family fashion - well really my family is known for lateness. So I guess I passed on that unfortunate trait. We got our day started late because I was in desperate need of sleeping in. And by sleeping in I mean sleeping until 8.

We got out to the dog beach around noon and got pretty lucky with there only being a constant flow of 2 other dogs there during our stay. I know what you're thinking: "Lauren, you're a genius for going to the dog beach during the week and bypassing all of the tourists."

I KNOW! Somehow Blake doesn't buy it. I'm still a genius - that's neither here nor there.
We've learned from this trip to the dog beach that we are in desperate need of an umbrella.

And not for my own personal use to hide my sensitive, ghostly skin. For my spoiled Collins who hates anything having to do with the heat.

And he's supposed to be a Florida dog!

We have a canopy and brought it with but it would little difficult and a pain to set it up with just two people and having to control an excited puppy.

So Collins' solution was to dig a hole behind my chair to get some shade. At least he's inventive and is really good at digging holes!
Our trip to the beach went much better than last times. Last time we went to the beach, he couldn't stand the water and was scared for it to touch his paws.

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Now he can't get it enough of it!
Sometimes the waves freak him out a little.

Those waves today we're pretty strong so I'll give him that.
I'm kind of thinking of framing one of these three pictures for my house. I don't know where I would put them yet but I'm slightly obsessed with them so I'll find a place.

We only stayed at the beach for two hours because the heat was wearing Collins out. We we're getting tired too but it was Collins that made the decision.

We took a drive down from the beach to the boardwalk in Pensacola and walked down to check out some of the bars and shops. Blake was down there for Memorial Day weekend and raved about this bar that served alcoholic icees so we obviously had to make our way over.

What I really dug about this place is that you can get your drinks to go and walk along the boardwalk. I'm all about those to go drinks :)
Collins clearly approved.

Don't worry. He only drank water.

He's responsible like that.
We even acted like tourists for a minute and took a family picture in front of the big seashell.

I mean come on, you can't NOT take a picture when there's a giant seashell!!

The rest of our day was spent with dinner, frozen yogurt, and beers - all at different places mind you - with some friends. Mostly we hoped to all of these places because we didn't want the day to end.

Anyone have one of those days where you just don't want to go home because that means you're day of fun has ended??

Today was awesome.

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  1. Super cute pictures! I love watching dogs at the beach. No matter how many times they've been, they still seem fascinated by the sand!

  2. Collins is sooo cute! That sounds like such a fun day. I need an alcoholic icee ASAP.

  3. Oh to be on the beach and not in the rainforest known as Missouri! Your day looked amazing and Collins is super cute!!

    Stopping by from the link up :)

  4. Aww looks like Collins had a ton of fun! Glad you all had a great day together!