Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Wrapup | Brunching + Dog Parking

Hello, friends!

I had quite the exciting weekend; second weekend in a row that I did not sit on my couch for the whole entire weekend.

I'm a fan.

I started off the weekend with a Friday workout. Mostly because I knew how much I was going to eat the next two days #notevensorry
Followed along my some puppy snuggles.

Don't let this face fool you. He's a real thorn in my side most nights because all he wants to do is play where I just want to sit down and not do anything for a few minutes.

He's lucky he's so cute.
Saturday, I had to work and felt like I deserved a Dunkin run in the morning.

I think what I learned from my long 20 day fast from Dunkin was that I'm allowed to have a weekly treat. So I've dubbed Saturdays as my Dunkin run day only because I know that my work day sucks even more on Saturday than any other day of the week.

After work I ran over to Target to do a little shopping for myself and for the baby shower brunch I was hosting the next day. Mostly it was for the baby shower but I couldn't help but take a peak for myself!
I have really been wanting a maxi and jean vest combo so bad since I got home from Mexico so I wanted to take a little peak to see if they had what I was looking for. Their jean vest we're hiding so and I found them after about the 5th time walking through the women's/teen's section.

I really hate shopping by myself mostly because I need opinions from someone and to tell me if it looks stupid or not. These we're the options I sent out to my sisters and we all came to the consensus that option 3 was the best! I really loved the first striped dress but they only had it in a large and it just dragged all over the floor.
Sunday we had a brunch baby shower for one of my friends down here for her first baby. We ended up going to a really popular breakfast place that sits right on the beach with 6 of us girls.

I really wanted to throw her a really nice joint party with all of the guys too but I know I couldn't throw something together in a week up to the scale that I wanted to. So I thought a brunch was a good alternative!
The food was absolutely amazing. I had a breakfast quesadilla and we split a crab and shrimp queso dip with the table. And you can't beat the bottomless mimosas and breakfast basket!
Of course we had to do gifts for her little shower; shes having an actual baby shower at home in a few weeks but we at least wanted to get her a few things.

She got some of the cutest onesies for her baby boy. And look at that tuxedo bib! She also got some converse socks that look like shoes and we're the cutest things I've seen.
I got her some crib sheets and blankets off of her registry and a few onesies. I couldn't pass up on the 'free hugs' onesie!

Baby clothes are definitely a weakness of mine. I had to hold back from buying everything in the store. Then again, it is Target.
After the baby shower I took Collins to the dog park to run around and basically I wanted to wear him out.

I took a trip to Dunkin on the way and I'm not even sorry. It's a small so it was okay!
This is typical of Collins. He either sits in that giant hole in the middle of the dog park or he's laying/rolling around in the mud. Majority of the time he does both.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Let the week leading up to the greatest holiday of the year begin!

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  1. That brunch food looks delicious! I definitely love the first stripped dress but dragging on the floor is no good, makes for easier tripping. The third outfit compliments you best and you looked so cute! I wish I had a dog park close, the only one we have is for small dogs that are under 20 lbs which my dog is not. Have a great week! ♥

    Renee @ Gettin' Fit Fab

  2. Yum! What kind of coffee did you get from DD? They've gotten rid of the coffee flavor I liked, so I've stopped going because of that. I love all those dresses! I need to go back to Target. I got two maxis from there earlier this summer and I honesty wear them at least once per week. It's getting ridiculous. :)

  3. Your dog is adorable!
    That food looks amaze!
    and your outfit is so cute! Looks like you had a Great fullfilling weekend!
    Thanks for linking up :)

    Lisa | Showered With Design

  4. Those maxi dresses are gorgeous!!!!

  5. That maxi dress/jean vest combo is SO CUTE! I have two maxis and they're both black and white and the other navy and I really want a bright one! I think the middle option might be perfect for what I'm looking for! Baby clothes are adorable! And those cinnamon rolls look sooo good!

  6. That brunch looks amazing!! Love maxis + denim vests!