Monday, July 13, 2015

Coolest Dog at the Park

I'm a believer that my dog is the coolest do ever. 

I mean look at him, he's so photogenic
But majority of our pictures look like this. He knows when I'm taking a picture and immediately looks away from the camera. Just like this.

I call it his blue steel look. It's good that he doesn't have a bad side :)
He has no problem making friends every time we go to the dog park. Big or small. He even has to greet the owner too before the greeting the dog that belongs to the owner.

He'll make a great host one day for a doggy bash.
As you can see the dog park is where we spent all of our weekend. Even checked out some new digs! It's been raining all weekend, but a little rain wasn't gonna stomp our dog park parade.

This new park we went to is on the opposite end of base and just off the highway. It's connected to a big field with soccer and baseball fields and has a fence line surround the woods.

With a big sand box to play in, I had one happy pup on my hands. We we're the only ones there for an hour, which tends to be the case when I take him every day anyways, but Collins' was digging getting to roam around without anyone following him.

Except for me of course - I'm a hovering momma, I can't help myself.
With a big mud puddle post-monsoon, you can call Collins a happy pup and this new dog park having his paw print of approval!

Only down fall of one of our trips this weekend, Collins knocked over a 4 year old because he got too excited and thought he was greeting him with love and affection the Collins way. This cut our trip short on Sunday because of the mother of said child yelling at my dog and me because apparently I "don't have control over my dog."

Sorry, I get protective over my baby when someone questions how I raise him. He's still the coolest dog at the park.

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  1. In LOVE with these pictures of your dog! How sweet and love all the smiles!!

  2. He is SO SO cute! Love how happy he looks in the sand! Ugh sorry you got yelled at! That would most likely happen with our dog Rocky too because he's about 60 pounds of spaz and he doesn't mean to hurt anyone but he just gets excited and he's all over the place! I would have probably cried, lol!

  3. The dog park looks like fun !! Your dog is so cute

  4. Your dog are so adorable! I hope one day we can get a dog.

    liz @ sundays with sophie