Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth of July

Hope you all had a great Fourth of July!

I just wanted to share some of the pictures from our very relaxing 4th of July. I got to be with my friends once Blake got off work. I took Collins to the dog park. Can't complain about that type of a day!

 I finally put together my wreath that I bought all the supplies for over a month ago.
 We got cake pops at work.
 I had to treat myself to Dunkin to having to work on Saturday. Also had to rep my new Marley Lilly monogrammed tank that I love oh so much!
 Festive flowers, of course!
 And your obligatory fireworks picture. "Fireworks" being a light term, our own make shift fireworks display in the parking lot.

 Hope you all had a great Fourth of July!
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  1. Weren't you worried about your tank possibly not making it to you in time?? I'm glad it did! It's cute!