Monday, July 6, 2015

June a la Instagram

Hello everyone, and happy Monday!

I'm going to recap with you on this beautiful Monday morning my month of June all thanks to the good ol' Instagram. If you're new around here: you know that I love recapping my months for you all and basically for myself too.

It helps to look back on everything that I got to do in the last month; reliving my memories while we spend our time down here in Florida since it's so unknown for how long we will be lucky to call this our home.

And can you believe we are now half way through the year??
1. I committed to bettering myself and to start working towards my fitness and weight loss goals. I've also been recapping my progress with you all every week!
2. Took a little day trip out to the beach; have I mentioned how much I love living by the beach especially in the summer??
3. I have attempted and perfected Running With Spoon's recipe for Banana Oat Greek Yogurt Muffins
5. We love our dog park time - especially now being in the water!
6. I wanted to document my uber cool boho chic outfit I rocked at work one day.
7. The perks of Sundays off before Blake goes into work - having moments like these.
8. This boy here loves the water!
9. We took a little adventure out to the dog beach and found the cutest boardwalk in Quietwater Beach. Collins even loved the slushies.
10. I lasted a whole 20 days without Dunkin Donuts.
11. Collins' is forever known as the dog who "loves to lay in the mud"
12. I'm so blessed with the friends I have made here and am gonna miss one of them when she leaves in 4 days for her deployment
13. Love my dad and had to honor him for being the best dad ever!
14. My cute shirt I scooped up from when I was in Mexico. May or may not wear it every single week :)
15. Doesn't this picture of Collins and Blake just melt your heart?? Ok, maybe it's just mine.
16. Hey-o workout selfie :)
17. What's better than Sunday's off? Having Wednesdays and getting to splurge on myself and the little guy with a big bone.
18. I threw a baby shower brunch for one of girlfriends down here for her first baby and I was so happy with how it all turned out! Especially her little basket I put together for her.

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  1. Looks like a GREAT month!!! xo - Kaitlin

  2. those banana oat muffins look incredible! and your pup lives the good life!

    trish - tales from trish

  3. Love following fitness progress! I've been [slowly] working on mine as well! It's always fun to encourage each other!

    Lindsay- notamom []

  4. Looks like June has been a good month for you! I'm currently working on my health & fitness too. It's a lot of work but totally worth it!

  5. Looks like June was a great month for you :) So much fun
    Chelsea @

  6. June looked like a great month!

  7. Love all of your pictures! That quote about admiring other people's beauty without questioning your own is spot on!

  8. Great shots! Losing my mind that the year is already half over!