Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Work For It | Week 4 & 5 Update

I've been slacking on the fitness updates around here.

Actually I've been slacking on the working out for the past week. Can I blame it leading up tp the holiday weekend and that a lot of our friends are leaving for deployment this week?? I say yes.

Or that I'm lazy. I prefer the former. But I wanted to be real with all of you and admit that I slacked and need to get back on the wagon.

I did not take any week 4 pictures and I'm perfectly okay with that. Because these week 5 pictures shock the hell out of me seeing as how I've gained weight (of course) from all of the poor food choices I've made.

Again, 4th of July equals really really good food. AKA chips and dip and alllll of the grilling.
Starting weight: 157lbs

After week 4: 154.4lbs

Current weight: 156lbs (excuse me while I cry)

Total weight loss: 1 stinkin' pound
I'm still chalking this one up as a win even though the results are kind of lacking.

Back to eating better and working out consistently! 
It's a new week and a new beginning!

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  1. Girl loss is loss and your stomach looks firmer in Week 5 so I chalk that up to a win! But I know how you feel I am trying to lose weight too and before last week I had lost a total of about 4-5 pounds in about 3 weeks and then after the 4th of july festivities I had gone back to only losing about 2-3 pounds. Hello detox this week.

  2. You got this, lady!! Glad to see you've stuck to it, even with a couple setbacks. I mean, how are we supposed to be perfect on holidays??

  3. It's so hard to keep up with a routine when there are holidays or meet-ups with friends! And with friends deploying it seems like having your priority be seeing them was a good decision!

  4. We all have ups and downs in our journey, don't let it get you down. So you made some bad choices, just make a few good ones this week and it will balance out! I was bad last week too! I was at the beach eating all the bad things, and I didn't work out for a week due to injury so I am having to make up for it this week too. No worries, we got this! I say, at least you are still down a pound! Focus on the good.