Monday, August 31, 2015

Crazy Dog Family

It's official. I've become a crazy dog lady.

As if this handsome boy wasn't already a handful and the apple of my eye, he desperately needed a brother/best friend. He told me so himself.

So instead of getting him one new playmate, we decided to give him two!
Everyone, meet Gordon and Harley!

We rescued them from Phoenix Rising Rescue out in Pensacola, FL and they we're the last in their litter of 10 puppies. 10 PUPPIES! They're 4 months old Boarder Collie/Pit mix and as cute as can be.
Even Collins likes them, don't let his stone face fool you.
We picked them on Friday after being neutered that morning. They didn't really care too much for the long drive to their new home but they settled to sit on my friends lap the whole way. And we only had a few whines!

Collins is super happy to have a playmate! Even though he constantly asks "when are the new kids going back to their house??" I don't think he understands that they're here to stay. I'll give him time to adjust.
They're definitely getting used to their new digs. They know that we have family couch tme. They snuggle with each other and will let Collins get in on it too - but only a little bit.
They all sure look comfy don't they??
Gordon is turning into the little light weight of the group. He was pissed that I didn't leave any wine for him in the glass. So he just licked up the droplets left over so he could go back to sleep.
Like I said, don't let Collins fool you. He loves his new brothers. And he's definitely acting like the older brother by picking on them but then acting all sweet 5 minutes later.
This will definitely make for interesting evenings; having to walk 3 dogs at the same time, having to re-potty train the two, double the dog food, but now 3 times the love.

And yes, I am crazy. But watching the 3 of them sleep on the couch right now is the sweetest image.

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  1. Awwww they are so cute!!! We have three dogs and it's so much fun! They look like they are enjoying their new home!

  2. You are crazy!! I'm sure they will be great playmates for Collins. Have fun.

  3. What adorable puppy faces!!!!!! Love the picture with the wine glass ;)!

  4. Good luck girl! That's a lot of pups!! So cute though, and glad they are settling in well!

  5. Oh my gosh, girl!!! So cute. I have insane dog fever, it's not even funny.

  6. Ahhh sooo cute! We have two dogs, and I remember the feeling of adopting the first and also adding the second! I'm hoping when we get a house that we can add another. :)

  7. First off they are adorable! My mom actually has six dogs at her house currently and I have three of my own so yeah we're crazy dog people too!