Tuesday, August 11, 2015

July a la Instagram

July is one of my favorite months - next to the entire season of fall and the great month of April due to my birth - it's all about freedom and family.

This year was no different. My family got to come visit me finally, we spent a lot of time at the dog park per use, posted a lot fitness selfies, and lots of friends.

Hope your July is as good to you as it was to me! Can you believe summer is over now???
 photo postsign2.png


  1. What a fun July! Love all of the coffee and puppy pics!! :)

  2. Summer is not quite over... let's let it linger a little longer! Looks like it was such a good month :)

  3. Okay I wish my July had more DQ blizzards (there isn't a DQ that close to us in Seattle, so I had zero) and iced coffee and wine now! Haha. :) It looks like it was a great month! Still love your maxi with the denim vest! And that quote about strong women is one of my favorites!