Thursday, August 13, 2015

Panama City Beach

When you hear of Panama City Beach what do you think?

Spring Break? College? A lot of bad decisions with very little memory of what happened? Or white sandy beaches with lots of families up and down the beach?

I bet you would never think of the ladder.

You see, for my job we handle a lot of vacation rentals down in Panama City and I have to convince families that the area is a completely different demographic in the summer than during the infamous Spring Break season that graces the beaches for four weeks.

And recently, I've gotten to tell all prospective guests about how I crashed my families vacation down there 3 weeks ago and got to say that it is actually one of my favorite places to go in the summer.

Since we're new to the Harley family we had to make a stop at the Panama City location it is definitely a beautiful store! Much more inventory than the two stores where we live!

Now, I'm only a quick hours drive from Panama City so when my family from Georgia makes their yearly vacation there - you know I'm going to be crashing their vacation and pretend I don't have any responsibilities for the day.

So we boarded Collins for the day and headed on down for a day of family and much needed sunshines!

You would like think since I live in Florida that I would have way more beach days than I have - but no, my friends.
Keeping our canopy in the trunk of the car at all times definitely came in handy this time. It was hot, windy, and everyone was suffering from sunburn from days before so it was the only way they would hang out with me on the beach.

I also got to play with a selfie stick for the first time. I won't be buying one - but whenever someone I'm with has it, you better believe I will play.
After our day on the beach we always go out to dinner and play some mini golf. This year we went to dinner at Salty Sue's and I was extremely unimpressed. Normally I'm not one to complain about a meal and I try to find something I like about it - but it was terrible. The only thing I liked about it was the crab dip appetizer. The salad came from a bag at Walmart and I'm not even sure my entree was food.

Even Blake said he's never seen me so pissed about a meal. So you know it was serious.

So there's that.
Every year before dinner we actually get to take some nice pictures rather than the typical selfie.

Blake hated every second of it.
Have I convinced you that Panama City Beach is actually a really nice place to vacation when it's not Spring Break? I'll be going down in October for bike week and utilizing my job perks.

Sometimes living in Florida has it's perks.

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  1. living in Minnesota, I can tell you I am VERY jealous of your Florida gal perks! I am sitting here with major envy over the beach pictures!

  2. I don't think I've ever been there, sounds like we need to check it out! LOVE your swimsuit and the black and white striped dress!

  3. Oh gosh my dad is a die hard harley fan, and I swear I've been to every store in every city we've ever visited haha