Monday, August 3, 2015

Rain or Shine

Hello, friends!

It is the last week of the summer season for vacationers but not the summer weather down here in the good ol' state of Florida. And all weekend we have been having storms and in typical Florida weather fashion, only lasts for 10-15 mins.

But a good ol' rain doesn't stomp on our dog park parade! Even when the sky looks like this.
Luckily the monsoon only lasted for 15 minutes and I still got to go drink wine in the park while watching Hook with my best girl friend. We've made this one of our girls night adventures especially while both of our husbands are working nights.
The boys meet us after the movie is over and we go out in downtown to the outdoor bars. KC's Sandbar is especially awesome because they actually have sand laid around on the concrete outside
The monsoon came back on Saturday in full force and of course right before we went to the dog park. We have really bad timing.
And we went from this happy puppy
To this really depressed puppy for having to leave the dog park
Sunday I decided to do a little shopping. I had planned on just popping into one of the home stores but then I got overwhelmed and this was the result of my day...
Plus a full back seat of bags to finally get our townhouse not looking so bare.

And Sunday isn't complete without a visit to the dog park, and no rain for that matter!
We also got to take Blake's motorcyle out for a little ride and I finally got my own riding gear so I could ride on it safely. New helmet and uber cute riding jacket that actually breathes in the hot Florida sun.

Even after the ride, Blake said "I'm surprised you didn't want to take any pictures on the bike today"

Oh no, my friend. I did.
The view wasn't too bad either.

Happy Monday, friends!

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  1. Glad you didn't let the weather ruin your parade. Too many people let weather dictate their moods, well done, lady! His motorcycle is so nice, that reminds me I need to get out on mine :)!

  2. & Blake thought you weren't sneaky enough to get photos while on the back. Silly guy :)

  3. Love the little bottles of wine!!!! Way to be prepared :)

  4. Hahahaha I love that you took wine to the dog park. Mental note that I need to do that sometime!

  5. My brother lives in Tampa and I guess it got so bad there that he sent a picture of them walking home because it wasn't drive able and the water was up to his knees. I'm glad you were able to still get a weekend out of it all.

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday :)

  6. Can't believe that rainstorm!! Looks like you still had a good time, though!

  7. Aww the sad puppy face! Poor guy! You look so cute in that helmet!