Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August a la Instagram

We have entered into September... Anyone else see something wrong with this picture??

Like the fact that this year is moving by way too quickly.

But hey, bring on everything fall! Even though I won't really be able to enjoy the fall weather until roughly November. If we're lucky #floridaprobs
1. Taking joy rides on the bike is our new favorite thing to do when I get off work and days off together. And the view isn't half bad too.
2. Be prepared for all of the fitness selfies #notsorry
3. Only my second time on the bike and we decided to take a 100 mile ride out to a biker bar. Felt great going so fast, but my back and butt felt otherwise
4. My standing Friday night date and in my mothers words my BFIF (Best Friend in Florida) :)

5. #fitnessselfieobsession
6. Collins looking as sweet as can be - and very sleepy
7. We love our motorcycle dates - and trying new beers

8. You know what else goes really good with new beers? Chipotle.
9. The progression in these two pictures is basically Collins personality - sleepy and snuggly, to happy and silly
10. Oh, hey! A fitness selfie!

11. You know those types of days when one coffee won't cut it?? This is a typical morning for me.
12. How pretty are the happy hours drink??!
13. Anyone else take advantage of the PINK Friday sale?? This whole load for only $65!

14. Oh, a sleepy, snuggly Collins
15. I went sifting through my pictures and found this gem from when we went paddleboarding when my family came down for a visit. And I didn't even drop my phone!
16. We had a few days of consecutive down pour and this was the aftermath at the dog park. Clearly Collins hated every second of it.
17. Little Collins working his model side

18. I've never had a shirt that so accurately describes my lifestyle #needmoneytopayforcoffee
19. The essentials for a hot summer evening - cocktails with a side of water.
20. Look at those babies grow!!! 

21.We've been having quite the heat in the end of August and Collins was taking full advantage of the puppy pool at the dog park. He even told me that we need one in our backyard.
22. The three amigos at our favorite Mexican restaurant
23. We added two little pups to our dog family! Yes we are crazy.
24. Our last night as a family of one dog and I splurged on my favorite boy with some toys and a bone or two.

25. After a long night of puppy time, this was the aftermath - and my recovery.
26. I've been temping with a company for the past 8 months and I am now an official employee! It's the beginning of a good week!

You know what else is exciting? More like really cool because I'm a nerd - It's been a year of my doing monthly recaps thanks to my ever so lovely Instagram.

Which this has given me a thought, what about turning this into a link-up?? I know a few of my favorite gals partake in my obsession and we already like to recap our weekend; so why not the month too? Maybe this could be something put into the works!

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  1. I love this fun, visual Instagram post! Seems like you've been consistently working out- good inspiration for me.

  2. Hahahaha I love all your fitness selfies. It always reminds me I need to get off my ass and work out! I'm always too embarrassed to snap one at the gym though...

  3. Oooo I love the idea of a link-up, you should totally do one! Way to go on all of your fitness selfies girl! OMG all that PINK stuff for $65 is amazing! And you know I love all the pup pics! :)

  4. I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by! Sheesh!