Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Favorites | #FlyTheW

I'm sure you all heard the fantastic news!

Well for those of you that watch baseball and just love rooting for the underdog - The Cubs have won the wild card game and are heading to play against the St. Louis Cardinals for the NLDS!!!

And in the spirit of their success - I'm making this Cubs themed today. You're welcome.
Let's just call the elephant in the room, shall we? Yes it has been 107 years since the Cubs have won the World Series. Plus they haven't been to the NLDS since 2008 - not that that is too terrible but really how cool are these facts??


Making it into the postseason means new gear! Blake has been asking me/I've been telling him for a few weeks if I wanted/needed a new Cubs shirt. Now that they've actually made it into the postseason - all of the shirts please!

Sweet, sweet victory

Gotta have a Cubbie wreath!

GET IN MY BELLLLYYYYY! I actually would be too afraid to eat them because they look too pretty.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I'll be spending my Friday evening watching game 1 :)

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  1. That baseball wreath is pretty much the coolest thing ever. Yay for playoff baseball!