Monday, October 5, 2015

September a la Instagram

Hello old friends!

I wish I could say I have an excuse for not blogging consistently and like myself. Mostly because I'm lazy and I've gotten really into watching NCIS on Netflix.

Also handling 2 more dogs along with Collins has definitely overwhelmed me that I kind of just give up on doing anything else productive with my evenings.

But it is my favorite time where I like to recap my month thanks to the uber pretty pictures from my Instagram. I've also decided that I'm going to actually to be doing this as a monthly link up! Add your link below all month long for recapping your months of all of the fun you've been having!
1. This image. Right here. May possibly have been the cutest thing I ever saw. I was worried that Collins wouldn't take to his new brothers, but this right here assured me that we made the right decision.
2. You gotta love our coffee pictures, am I right??
3. We only act like tourists when we have visitors in town, Blake had his friends in town earlier this month so we went into the Harborwalk Village in Destin.
4. It was my dad's birthday this month!
5. Ah, the glorious season of college football has come back :)
6. The beautiful sunset of Destin. I love where I live.
7. We've been frequenting the biker bar down here quite often now, especially on Sundays when there's an average of 300 bikers there all day. The koozies aren't half bad either. #doitforthekoozie
8. These morning snuggles on my days off have been looking like this and I am not complaining one bit. I never thought my heart would be so full.
9. I became a full time employee after 9 months of temping and to celebrate the end of the summer season we got to go on a sunset dolphin cruise. They even let me steer the boat ;)
10. New coffee mug to add to my collection! I've been eyeing it at Starbucks on base for a month and I finally jumped the gun and bought it. I just love the saying on the inside "Proudly serving those who serve." Starbucks is a huge supporter of the military.
11. This is Gordon's normal resting place. It's cute now, but I'm nervous that when he gets older and bigger that he's going to keep thinking that he can fit on top of it. I guess we'll see
12. This was the sunset one night while we we're out to dinner. No filter or anything. The picture was completely necessary and totally worth the eye roll from my husband lol.
13. It's cooling down and fall drinks have come back!
14. I took the twins to the dog park for the first time and this was the result after 15 minutes of play time. Just like their brother, they got a little excited.
15. Gotta love the fitness selfies!
16. A new taco and margarita bar opened up on the beach and we finally tried it out for our motorcycle date - margarita I would give a solid 10, but the queso and chips did not withstand which is pretty upsetting. How do you not have good chips and queso in a taco bar??!
17. I purchased the Simplified Planner and the beautiful thing came in the mail this month. I'm totally kicking myself for not buying the August 2015 edition because it is pure torture to not use the 2016 edition until January 1!
18. Gettin' real artsy in the gym. Might be the lack of sleep talking.
19. It was my Mom's birthday this month too! My parents are both the same day, born in the same month, and are 10 days apart!

You wanna get weirder? My sister and I we're born in the same month, 5 years and 5 days apart. I don't know how this came into play as I'm writing this but it's still pretty weird/cool if you ask me!
20. Ahhhh, the beautiful scarf weather has come upon us. Now I can alternate between all of my scarfs and sweater combos and have zero regrets that all of my outfits look the same. Am I lazy or is it the fall fashion?? I choose the latter :)
21. Collins got to have a sleep over with one of his best friends, Atlas before he moves across the country. He definitely misses his buddy
22. Collins is definitely getting into the fall season with his Salted Caramel Mocha. Typical basic white pup.
23. My dad finally came in for a visit! It's the first time he's came down here since I moved down last June.
24. With my dad in town I was finally able to take all three of the dogs to a dog park in Pensacola that is connected to the beach and the water is fenced in. With another set of hands it was definitely awesome because no way was I going to take all 3 of them to the water by myself. And for the twins first time in the water they definitely did great - way better than Collins' first experience
25. We love our morning snuggles while watching football!
26. Sunday I had planned to do a beach day but it was gloomy and very windy out that morning so we decided to do a brunch bar hop and watch football all day. I sure didn't complain about the bottomless mimosas and the beachside view.
27. Next stop on our brunch bar hop called for Bloody Mary's AND at a super awesome price! That's the one struggle about getting Bloody Mary's out at a restaurant that they're so expensive - but when I find the more affordable prices you but your behind that I will be going more often!
28. Yes, the brick background picture. I have no regrets #basicblogger

I hope you all will link up! It'll be open all month long and come back every month after that!

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  1. AHHH that first picture with the pups snuggling! So sweet! Looks like a great month full of fun! Love this link-up, I will have to get mine posted and linked up ASAP!

  2. So much goodness in one month!!! I mean I follow along all month but seeing it all in one place makes it seem even better.

  3. Love this! I always like posts like this because it is just impossible to catch everything!

  4. Oh, I love your pics! The first of your puppies is so darling and Happy Birthday to your dad! I can tell you are a daddy's girl like me! Thanks for stopping by and inviting me to your new #linkup! I am adding it to my 'Link Up' page for others to find! :)