Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Wrapup | Weddings + Mullets

Hello friends!

We've had a pretty jam packed weekend. One of those ones where not enough sleep was had and you just bummed around all day Sunday not wanting to deal with life that was going to come on Monday morning.

This isn't related to at all what we did this weekend. But I just had to share. Collins was taking a nap Friday night before Blake got home from work and when he woke up these were his ears
He's a mouse, duh!

Anyways, I enjoyed that. I got a lot of entertainment out of that and had to take a picture before he shook and his ears would go back to their floppy form.

Friday was spent shopping for wedding outfits for the wedding the next day. And we we're pretty successful seeing as how we didn't even get out to the mall until 7pm that night. We both wanted to go fall style but not too fancy but better than we normally dress on a day to day basis.

I was really wanting to find a maroon maxi skirt/dress so I can wear my white lace moto jacket I got back in May. And I was successful at H&M with a maxi dress - even in October which I was super surprised. But my dress that I found at Forever 21 just surpassed it by long shot. I'll save the maxi dress for a rainy day. And by rainy day I mean next year when it gets warmer since it's cooling off here in Florida finally.

Saturday was going to be a long day.

That morning one of Blake's friends/coworker was getting married and the bride asked my girlfriend and I to be there early to help decorate the reception hall. Which I was very happy to do! Except they showed up an hour late with all of the decorations due to technical difficulties having to sign guests in onto the base since that's where the reception was going to be.

So basically everything got pushed back an hour, and spiraled into a lot of other things going wrong that day.

But in the end, it all worked out. I remember stressing on my wedding day and we we're even running late as well. I told the bride that nothing else mattered just as long as no one else noticed that things didn't go as planned. It still ended up being a beautiful wedding.
How awesome is the dress/boots combo though?? Of course gotta have the coffee for the long days of events.
Some of their cute decor the bride crafted. Gotta love the glitter!
We sure clean up nicely :)

Blake was raving all day Sunday how much he was digging his khakis and polo ensemble. He might just wear those now for game day instead of his shorts.
We got a 3 hour break in our day so home to the puppies and in hopes of a nap to rest up for our evening plans. But that didn't happen.
This however, did.

The whole weekend was Mullet Festival which is a big 3-day carnival/craft fair/country music concert. It's a lot to handle basically. We went last year and saw Dustin Lynch get a beer can thrown at his face.

Honestly, I think we were all surprised that any performer would want to come back after how some of the drunken fools treated him.

This year the line up was Joe Nichols on Friday night, Love and Theft and Gloriana on Saturday night, and Lone Star on Sunday night. I was more excited to see Gloriana and Lone Star but didn't get to make it on Sunday.
Don't get me wrong, Love and Theft put on a decent set. But they're just not my cup of tea. I love Angel Eyes and Girls Love to Shake It. But that's about it.

Blake's seen Gloriana before and said that they put on a kick ass set. But they just kinda fell a little flat to me too. They didn't play as much of their older music as I would have hoped. But hey, no one got a beer can thrown at them!

What really irked me was there were girls in front of us that set their chairs down to save their spots. And it wasn't for like 15-20 minutes, but for 3 hours... No. Just no. What topped it all off was when they came back was they we're rudder than all hell. That might've set the tone for our entire evening - but it was still a fun time.
This was our Sunday. All day snuggles. I had to force Blake and I to get off the couch and take the dogs to the park for a little exercise and play time. The dogs have gotten super cuddly and have pretty much formed a dog blanket on top of me. I can't complain though!

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  1. OMG your puppy looks hilarious! Such a pretty outfit, lovely.

  2. Such a cute dog - looks like a great place for a wedding!