Monday, November 2, 2015

October a la Instagram

And the clock struck midnight, the month of October has come to a close.

Now it's tis the season to stock up on discounted Halloween decorations and candy and start planning out our beautiful Thanksgiving spreads and Christmas trees. I'm actually going to be putting up a tree this year so I'm pretty stoked about that happening.

I'm bring back around the monthly recap link up! If you're new around these parts, you know I love my Instagram and recaps of my months are the favorites of the bunch.

I would love to see all of your month recaps! Grab the link below and hop along and see all of the beautiful moments, especially for fall, captured!

Genuinely Lauren

1. Once a week we get to tour new vacation properties for work. Can you believe that this was the weather in Panama City Beach on the First of October???
2. My girlfriend and I had a craft night painting our own wine glasses - all about dogs and monograms for the win!
3. We love our dog park days
4. The beach over in Navarre Beach!
5. THE CUBS MADE IT TO THE PLAYOFFS and it was the greatest period of my existence
6. We did another craft night and this time was a paint and wine party where we got to paint our favorite furry creatures - our pets!
7. The husbands team also made it to the playoffs so I had to support where it was due. They we're playing each other so I felt it was fair!
8. The sunset after leaving the dog park one evening #nofilter
9. I participated in But First, Coffee's mug swap and I got the cutest mug from Coleen at Lipstick and L'Attitude and I'm completely obsessed with mine!
10. Beach view over in Destin!
11. Our good friends got married two weeks ago and the weather was perfect! I was super happy with the dress I snatched up from Forever 21 and fits like a glove
12. Mommy loves her puppy snuggles in the morning on days off
13. A tree in Florida was actually changing colors. And it was in the parking lot at Target of all places! #basicoverload
14. Cubbie support for Game 3 of the playoffs! Sadly they didn't make it past the semi-final round.
15. The Husband and I are getting back into the workout grind - and doing it together! Sure that means waiting until he gets off his night shift for work but I'm actually preferring that time frame now.
16. Collins graduated obedience school! No, he's not the most behaved dog in the world but he definitely learned some manners and I can tell a difference in his behavior. That's all that counts!
17. I finally checked off a task that's been on my to-do list forever and that's get a library card. My library card from my hometown expired back in March and I never went in got a Florida one until last week. Must read all of the books!
18. Touring some beach homes out in Destin!
19. Fitness pictures forever <3 br="">
20. Collins says "I"m a mouse, duh!"
21. The beauty of a bloody mary
22. My first puppy turned One this month!
23. We did a Pumpkin poker run last weekend and out of the 100 bikers there, we we're the youngest and won this sweet chair that now sits in Blake's man cave
24. Dogs in bandannas. Need I say more?
25. Harley is more of the snuggler with Collins. So, whenever they do this I always have to document it. Because you can never have too many dog pictures, am I right?
26. This is about as Fall decorations as the household got this year. But aren't they so cute!!?
27. Our friends had a little Halloween party. Costume was mandatory so basically we just went as ourselves.

The month of October was definitely a great one! Fall is definitely in full swing and hopefully will start to cool off here in Florida!

Drop your link down below and follow along with all of the monthly recaps!

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  1. Looks like you had a great month! Would have been so classic if the Cubs won. ❤️

  2. I love Instagram recaps! I cannot believe that it is November already!! I have mixed feelings about it, excited for the holidays, but sad at how fast the year has gone by. :(

  3. Photo challenges are really fun. Great photos there! :)

  4. Looks like october was a busy month for you...and that Forever 21 dress fits you nicely.

  5. heck yes to Post Season baseball! I am a Royals Fan, but was rootin' for the Cubs on the other side!!!

  6. I love how bright your Insta feed is!

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys