Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Weekend My Dogs Chewed Up Everything

You see these smiling faces? Look like they can never get into any trouble right?

Secretly they are thinking "he he he, just wait till we get home, mawm"

Plotting their evil plan to chew up more holes in my carpet.

Chew up all of our electronic cables and chargers while we sleep.

Oh, and their dog bed? Completely destroyed. It's basically just the skin that they like to snuggle with now.

But do I still love them? Hells yeah.

Even when they feel the need to grab my dirty clothes from the hamper and try to hide under the bed. Or even steal my shoes to try and put their mark on them and claim them theirs.

Even when they decide to bark at every dog/human that walks buy during their walks/potty breaks

Or when they hop on the counter and steal food while I'm cooking dinner. Or even sticking their whole head in the garbage bin to finish up that nights dinner.

They are my dogs, my babies. Even though they have all of their downfalls and sassy attitudes.

But their snuggles and kisses make up for a whole lot of holes in the carpet

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