Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas in the Home

I was so excited to get to decorate for the holidays this year. To actually have a home and more than just a small square space to decorate. To put up a big tree and stockings - have 3 mutts sit underneath it and act like they're all well behaved dogs.

Dont let them fool you.
Now all of my Christmas decorations are pretty much living in my living room - which is okay since I don't really go anywhere else and it's the first thing anyone sees when walking through the door.

But really, the very first thing you see is this beautiful masterpiece hanging on my door. I made this wreath last year and I wanted to bring it out before Thanksgiving. Blake said I had to wait until rivalry week was over to take our Alabama wreath down and but this lovely one up.
After moving in in April, this is the first time I've put up anything decor related up on my walls. And I'm pretty thrilled with it. It's not too much, but it covers just enough space.

The sled I bought last year from AC Moore. Tree and Merry and Bright canvas from Old Time Pottery. Wreath from Target. And letter M from my gallery wall at my old apartment. I just put some wrapping paper and a bow on one of my canvases to bring in a holiday touch.
I just made these ornaments last Friday and I'm so pleased with how them came out. Just a little modge podge and some glitter on the inside and viola! Pretty ornaments for my puppies.

But really, anyone know where I can get cute ornaments that say "Puppy's First Christmas 2015" on them?? I need 3. Can never have too many ornaments for my pups.

I picked up mine and Blake's stockings from Target during their holiday sale. The dogs stockings are from Petsmart. I'm already planning out new ones for them for next year. Martha Stewart had the cutest dog bone shaped stockings at Petsmart and I dropped the ball. Next year, though!

 I'm pretty proud of my little corner. I really wanted to put the stockings on the banister but I was too afraid that the dogs would chew at them or try to tear them down. So, on the wall they went. But I'm super happy with them.
Do you notice that there aren't any ornaments on the bottom section of the tree? My dogs decided to use those as chew toys. Thank goodness they're plastic.

 photo postsign2.png


  1. Puppies and trees definitely don't mix. I love your wreath!

  2. I love decorating for Christmas too! It's way more fun when you have your own space right? A fun DIY puppy ornament idea are spray painted milk-bones. My groomer gave us one last year, spray painted gold (but your could do different colors for each pup) and it just had a hole drilled through one end and a ribbon. It's super cute!

  3. hahaha. I gave up on getting Christmas pics with the dogs last year. Maybe I'll torture them a little bit this year...
    Mine never tried to eat the ornaments (although one of them chewed on part of the nativity this year), but their tails always destroy the lights and garland at the bottom.
    Love your wreath!!!