Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Oh, Christmas Tree

This is our first year having a Christmas tree and I couldn't be more thrilled by it. It's so pretty and it's ours!

Since we also have three little balls of fur run around like crazy that I was nervous they would knock it down. Thus the sparingly of the ornaments - and the fact that they're plastic is a big plus too!

I've only lost two to being chew toys so I call that a win.

Amongst our plastic collection, I've started collecting some personal ones as well! I'm just waiting to have multiple trees in my house so each tree can have a theme of ornaments. I'm not crazy right?
How precious are the Starbucks and Dunkin ornaments??? The Florida one is my absolute favorite and I'm so happy I found it because they are sold out everywhere!

Gotta have my monogrammed bedazzled ornament!

Every time we went on vacation somewhere, my mom always got an ornament from the area - so when we went to Mexico in May of course I had to join in on the tradition!

I'm wanting to start a collection of Harley ornaments as well every year. Maybe even have a Harley tree in my future home! If only they weren't so damn expensive.

First of many dog ornaments to come. I'm seriously on the look out for super adorable "Puppy's first christmas" ornaments. I'll need 3, please.

I got this ornament made last year when we didn't have a tree. The colors are our wedding colors and the year we got married. Cue the awww's!

Also bought last year. Don't you just love craft fairs for unique and precious ornaments??

I was on the lookout for an ornament that was Christmas and beachy themed at the same time and I thought this was the perfect representation of that! Beachy Santa. Other option was Santa on a surfboard which was also a strong contender.

My sweet husband helping me decorate the tree. What you don't see are three dogs trying to tear down every ornament once it gone hung up.

I'm happy to report that the tree is still standing!

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  1. I love seeing how everyone's trees are decorated.
    LOVE the Starbucks ornaments - I think those mini cups are the cutest thing

  2. Your ornaments are so cute! Merry Christmas!

  3. Love all of your unique ornament…our tree looks the exact same way