Monday, December 28, 2015

Relaxing Christmas Weekend


I know what you're thinking. Christmas and Relax are never two words used in the same sentence. Normally it's bouncing around from house to house, staying on schedule, or just being around family in general. 

But my Christmas this year was extremely relaxing.

Mostly because Blake and I didn't go to either of our families this year due to our work schedules and we got to have it just be us and our 3 dogs. 

It was great. And exactly what I needed.

We kicked our long holiday weekend off with having a Christmas Eve dinner at our friends house - and not just pizza and beer either. We got real fancy with winter sangria, mimosas, winter Jack, meatballs for appetizers and cheesy tortellini. Believe me, this was fancy for us.

I even got to open a present early from my mom - she sent the cutest ornament of the Chicago marquee.

I wanted to start a Christmas tradition with Blake and exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. Now it's only pajamas - but it's something that I never did with my family growing up. I know it's kind of generic since a lot of people do this for their family traditions. But I hope to continue it when we start to have kids that we can make it matching pajamas or even expand upon it even more!

Christmas came and it was exactly how I wanted it - relaxing. We stayed home all day. Didn't move from the couches practically at all. We exchanged gifts with each other. I got to skype both of my parents - even open presents with them and still feel like I was there with them. The day was everything that I wanted it to be.
Even the dogs were worn out from the day - of doing nothing.
Saturday we decided to actually get out of the house and do something. The fog finally cleared up and the weather was actually really cool out. I got a gift card for Chipotle from one of my sisters (she gets it) so we (meaning I) decided we should take a ride out to Destin on the bike and enjoy the day out. 

We even went to our favorite beach bar that's not actually on the beach for happy hour
Sunday was another day spent inside not doing much of anything. We had the Harry Potter marathon on all weekend, I didn't have to work (YES) and I actually finished two books! Like I said, this was exactly how I wanted the weekend to go - relaxing.

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  1. Sounds like a nice relaxing Christmas! We go to 5 different celebrations over the course of 2 days, so a relaxing day sounds perfect!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic Christmas! Crazy that we tend to automatically equate holidays with craziness. That sangria looks amazing!